CHAMP Student Leaders holding up Champlain-themed merch at an event

Student Organizations & Leadership

Getting involved in student clubs, activities, and ongoing events is a great way to meet new people and find your sense of belonging on campus.

More than 60+ clubs, activities, and organizations to choose from!

Our students have a wide variety of unique, fun, and engaging interests, which means we have clubs and activities that range from basketball and Mario Kart intramurals, to crochet club and the Women in Cybersecurity student chapter. Student groups cover topics from academic, social, diversity and inclusion, student publications, student leadership, religious, political, art and entertainment, and local engagement in the Burlington community.

Student Groups Led by the Office of Student Engagement

We want you to find your home here. Explore our student groups and consider joining one of our event planning teams!

Student Leadership Opportunities

Developing your leadership skills is an important part of your growth as a college student. Run for a position in the Student Government Association or apply to be an Orientation Leader and play a role in welcoming the next generation of Beavers to our community!

Office of Student Engagement

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