How to Make a Report

Report sexual or gender-based discrimination, harassment, and misconduct, including sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence, and stalking to the Title IX Coordinator.


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Confidential Resources

Confidential resources are people who are not required to disclose the information shared with them. However, if the information shared involves the abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult, or an immediate threat to someone’s life, then they are required to share the information with the appropriate authorities.

  • The Student Health Center has expanded its services to include medical forensic exams from a certified Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE). These services began in January 2023. Champlain has been facilitating access to these exams in partnership with the UVM Medical Center and will continue to do so on an as-needed basis.

    • HOPE Works in Burlington has a 24/7 hotline for survivors of sexual violence, which can be reached at (802) 863-1236.
    • UVM Medical Center in Burlington offers specialized care for sexual assault victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Pride Center of Vermont in Burlington offers a SafeSpace anti-violence program, which provides comprehensive services to support LGBTQ+ survivors of hate, bias, harassment, discrimination, abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking, trafficking, sexual assault, and other systemic and community harms.
    • Steps to End Domestic Violence in Burlington assists in the transition to a safe, independent life for all those who have been affected physically, sexually, emotionally, or economically by domestic abuse.

Please Note

No matter which resource you choose, your information will be kept private. Non-confidential resources will only share the information with people who need to know, in accordance with Title IX federal regulations and College policy.

Learn More About the Reporting Process

Non-Confidential Resources

All other College employees are required to report information regarding sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Student employees in work-related roles are also required to report this information.

Title IX and Pregnant/Parenting Students

  • Requesting Adjustments

    Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities. This includes discrimination against pregnant and parenting students.

    Students can request an adjustment through the Title IX Office for pregnancy or parenting-related needs. Students may also request academic accommodations on a condition related to pregnancy through the Office of Accessibility.

    To request adjustments, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Coordinators.

  • Types of Adjustments
    • Seating arrangement
    • Breaks throughout class on an as-needed basis
    • Rescheduling of quizzes, tests, or exams
    • Excused absences for pregnant students or for parenting students who need to care for a sick child or take their child to the doctor
    • Submitting late work
    • Providing an alternative to missed work

Title IX Office

Skiff Hall
163 S Willard St.
Burlington, VT 05401
8:00 AM–4:30 PM