Creating a Diverse & Rich Community: Our Approach

We believe that our outcomes and interactions are affected by personal, cultural, and societal factors. 

Just as it is incredibly important to understand our personalities and how this plays into our interactions with—and perceptions of—others, we should also understand our cultural norms and the role our various societal affiliations impact perception, interpretations, values, and actions.

It is our goal to help the Champlain community develop this multidimensional framework—we like to call it "cognitive complexity." We believe this way of thinking is required to create an inclusive campus and help us thrive in a global, multicultural, and interdependent world.

ODI Framework

ODI-Sponsored Groups

  • Brotherhood Brunch invites men of color to join a monthly, intergenerational discourse including students, faculty, staff, and community members over brunch to discuss topics relevant to their intersecting identities. 
  • Shades of Me is Champlain's affinity group for students who identify as womxn of color. Shades of Me focuses on creating a safe and inclusive space for womxn of color to share their experiences and explore issues related to their gender and racial identity. 
  • Soul Food Step Team gives Champlain students a means to speak out through the art of stepping—a form of percussive dance that utilizes the body as an instrument to create rhythms and sounds through a combination of steps, claps, and cheers. With annual auditions open to all students, the team promotes an appreciation for stepping and focuses on celebrating African American culture and arts within the Burlington community.