Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Ensure Your Voice Is Heard

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) serves to advance Champlain College’s commitment to diversity, community, and inclusion through programming, advising, and advocacy. We invite you to take an active role in creating an inclusive campus!

The ODI is a resource for all Champlain students. As an advocate for historically underrepresented populations, we provide support services that create a stronger Champlain community, amplifying the voices of all of our students. We host guest speakers on campus, collaborate with faculty and staff to provide homework help, facilitate pro-social programs, and more.

Come Visit Us

We are located across from the Fireside Lounge in the IDX Student Life Center. Come say hi! The ODI is a social space for you to receive encouragement, support, and stress relief.

Jump In

By engaging with the ODI, you can:

  • Get involved: Champlain has a wide variety of programs, campus groups, and student organizations. You can even create your own campus group that promotes inclusion, equity, and cultural identity.

  • Get rooted: The more you engage, the more you'll love it here. This is a great way to make friends and form your sense of home at Champlain.

  • Explore new things: Discover campus services that can provide support and open doors to horizon-expanding opportunities, resources, and workshops to help you succeed.

  • Conquer culture shock: Connect with faculty, staff, and mentors who will help you adjust, thrive, and build a strong network and community at Champlain.

  • Find a sense of identity: There are resources to help you navigate your identity journey and provide support for developing a positive sense of self.

Institutional Resources

AHEAD Program

The AHEAD (Academics, Heath, Engagement, Achievement, Discovery)program is an opportunity for students of underrepresented populations to meet other incoming students; get a jump start on their careers; connect with staff, faculty, and upperclassmen; ask questions; have fun; and stay engaged throughout the year at Champlain College.

The program begins prior to the start of the school year and involves a mix of informational, educational, social, and cultural programming into the school year. Champlain will reach out to students who are eligible for the program. We encourage students to get ahead of the game by joining us for the AHEAD program!

Education Empowerment

Whether you're looking for support with your academics, navigating your identity, or building your resiliency, the ODI facilitates connections and coaching across campus. Faculty and student mentors offer tips, resources, and skills for managing time, doing your very best work, and relieving stress.

ODI Cultural Heritage Programming

The ODI plans cultural heritage programming alongside students, faculty, and staff. We seek out opportunities to share knowledge, experiences, and rich cultural traditions. We also want to hear your new ideas! Stop by the ODI to get involved.

Join Student Organizations and Affinity Groups

Asian Student Association (ASA) is a club that promotes all Asian cultures and further diversifies campus. Club members are not required to be Asian American or Pacific Islanders. The club includes members of all races and promotes cultural awareness at Champlain College and throughout the Burlington community. The club is designed to create a safe space for the Asian community while also spreading awareness of Asian culture.

Black Student Union (BSU) is a student-run group sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) with a threefold mission: create a safe space and supportive environment for students of color to express their opinions, ideas, and cultures; increase awareness and appreciation for Black history, culture, and issues through educational events, cultural celebrations, and open and engaging conversations; and support and advocate for issues that affect our students of color.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Student Advisory Board (JEDI SAB) is a group that represents the values and voices of the Champlain College student body. The goal of the JEDI SAB is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in conversations about systemic issues facing the Champlain community, such as white supremacy, lack of representation, and microaggressions on campus. The JEDI SAB work closely with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Vice President of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, and other offices across campus to move toward a more equitable and just campus environment. Anyone is welcome to join the JEDI SAB as either a community member or an officer.

How to Reach Us:

Stop by our office to say hello and learn how we can enhance your college life. We look forward to getting to know you!

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The ODI has always been my favorite space on campus. It is a festive space to be in at any time of the day and has taught me to focus on my passions of being around others and promoting social justice. Being a member of the ODI community has helped me foster relationships with students, organizations, and mentors that have helped me develop into the person I am today.

Vilcina Laplante 24’

Group photo of the AHEAD 2022 program members

Champlain's AHEAD program is an opportunity for underrepresented
incoming students to get a jump start on their college careers.

Group photo of ODI Senior Celebration

The ODI Senior Celebration is an annual event that recognizes
the achievements and accomplishments of Champlain's graduates.

The ODI is what I identify as a safe haven towards minorities such as myself. Being a Dominican/Ecuadorian student at Champlain College, it can be very difficult blending in and adapting to the culture here. However, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion has given me that opportunity and chance to let me be myself in a comfortable, respectful, and uplifting environment.

Joshua Leon Mejia 24’