Office of Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards promotes student learning and holistic development, and helps create a campus culture of respect, civility, and responsibility.

Welcome message from the Director.

Welcome to the Champlain College community! You've chosen an exciting time to join our community and hopefully you will find your Champlain experience rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. In the Office of Community Standards our team promotes student learning and holistic development by helping create a campus culture of respect, civility, and responsibility.

We strive to create opportunities for students to respect the dignity of all members of the community, to respond with honesty and integrity, and to accept responsibility for their actions. We endeavor to strike a balance between the needs of an individual student and the Champlain community. We believe graduates of Champlain College will take this learning with them into the workplace as engaged global citizens.

As an office within the Division of Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Standards helps ensure that each person involved has a fair hearing and can be supported throughout an incident. The community standards process is designed to complement the educational mission of the College by encouraging responsible decision-making through its process, practices, and educational interventions.

Our Office brings together a team of Champlain College professionals who are passionate about helping students work through challenges they may experience in order to achieve and lead a fulfilling, healthy, and positive college experience. This is also a learning experience for all students whether they are a Reporting Party, Responding Party, or a witness to an incident.

The Champlain College Board of Trustees has developed a Standard of Conduct. The Office of Community Standards is authorized to establish and administer the Standard of Conduct with the purpose to maintain the general welfare of the College community. More information on the Champlain College Standard of Conduct and other important policies and procedures can be found in the links and pages below.

Our Office and team look forward to working with you in seeking and supporting your educational pursuits. Through our work together, we can help inspire all members of the Champlain community to achieve their highest potential.


Dr. Cory M. Davis

Champlain has developed a temporary Student Conduct Policy which is effective August 3, 2020. Please familiarize yourself with this policy.

COVID-19 Temporary Student Conduct Policy

This policy has been created to comply with the State of Vermont's mandate that "existing judicial processes must err on the side of public health and remove a student from potentially further endangering the community by immediately removing the student from the campus." Please note that this policy is subject to change in response to future state mandates and public health concerns.

Students who are living on campus or who are living off-campus and participating in any aspect of on-campus life are required to comply with the Champlain Community Health Pledge, as well as all state and local health and safety measures related to COVID.Disciplinary ProcessThe student disciplinary process outlined in this policy supersedes the Conduct Review Process and exclusively governs issues related to compliance with this policy and sanctions up to exclusion from all on-campus programs, facilities, and activities. 

If it is necessary for the College to take disciplinary action beyond that sanction, the College's regular Conduct Review Process will apply.

A. Reporting

Students who have concerns related to an individual's failure to comply with the Champlain Community Health Pledge, or any other COVID-19 related policy, should report the matter to Housing and Residential Life staff, the Dean of Students, or Campus Public Safety. Students may also email their concerns to the Office of Community Standards at 

B. Disciplinary Action and Removal from Campus: 

The Associate Director of Community Standards or their designee will address all reports involving students. If it is determined that a student has violated the Champlain Community Health Pledge or any other COVID-19 related policy, the Associate Director of Community Standards or their designee will determine appropriate sanctions. Sanctions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by evaluating the potential impact of the violation on the health and safety of the community. For example, failure to complete required health screenings or to comply with expectations regarding the use of face masks may result in a warning for a first violation, and in removal from for a second violation, while more serious violations, such as failure to comply with the required testing program, guest policy, and quarantine and isolation requirements, are likely to result in immediate removal from campus. Students who are removed from campus may continue their classes virtually. Please note that these examples are meant to serve as a general guide. The Associate Director of Community Standards or their designee may determine that other sanctions are appropriate.

A student who has been sanctioned for removal from campus may appeal the decision in writing to the Dean of Students within five business days of receipt of the decision.

Students who live off-campus will not be permitted on campus pending the appeal outcome. They may attend classes virtually.

Students who are removed from campus are not eligible to receive refunds.

This policy was updated 8/31/20.