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Interfaith Room & Local Worship

Champlain College embraces a community of religious and spiritual diversity.

In 2019, the College opened an Interfaith Room on the Burlington main campus, located in the Miller Information Commons (MIC) Library, Room 220. The Interfaith Room provides a centrally-located, private, and quiet environment for those who wish to participate in worship and reflection while on campus. Open during regular Library hours, MIC 220 can be accessed through the main stairwell, elevator, or the side stairwell for greater privacy. The room is equipped with a bench, shoe rack, floor pillows, and various religious and spiritual texts.

Students will also find various interfaith and religious-based student organizations, recognized by the Student Government Association.

Places of Worship in the Greater Burlington Area

Champlain's Office of Diversity & Inclusion maintains a list of places of worship in the Burlington area, listed below. Questions? Email

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Resources listed with "LGBTQIA+ Affirming" next to them are congregations we have confirmed participated in local Pride celebrations. If you have questions about a specific organization, we suggest looking at the organization's website for an explicit statement of welcome and/or an official designation. Key phrases to look for are as follows:

  • In the United Church of Christ, if a congregation is listed as "Open and Affirming," they have made a public commitment to have LGBTQIA+ in all levels of their ministry and church membership.
  • In the United Methodist Church, look for the phrase "Reconciling Congregation."
  • In the Presbyterian Church, look for the phrase "More Light Congregation."

Thank you to Reverend Laura Engelken from the UVM Interfaith Center for all the tips!

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Champlain College Interfaith Room, Room 220 in the Miller Information Commons (MIC) Library

St. Michael's College Interfaith Directory, (802) 654-2000

University of Vermont Interfaith Center, (802) 656-4703

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Calvary Baptist Church, (802) 878-8341

Christ Memorial Church, (802) 878-7107

Community Church of Huntington, (802) 434-4854

Faith Baptist Church, (802) 655-3046

First Baptist Church, (802) 864-6515

Georgia Plains Baptist Church, (802) 524-5348

Lighthouse Baptist Church, (802) 482-2588

New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church, (802) 310-3643

New King Church, (802) 391-0898

Redeeming Grace Church, (802) 891-4213

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All Saints Episcopal Church, (802) 862-9750

Calvary Episcopal Church, (802) 899-0453

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, (802) 864-0471 (LGBTQIA+ Affirming)

St. James Episcopal Church, (802) 878-4014

Trinity Episcopal Church, (802) 985-2269

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Ahavath Gerim Synagogue, (802) 658-2020

Chabad of Burlington, (802) 658-5770

Congregation Ruach haMaqom (802) 356-1668 (LGBTQIA+ Affirming)

Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, (802) 864-0218 (LGBTQIA+ Affirming)

Temple Sinai Congregation, (802) 862-5125 (LGBTQIA+ Affirming)

University of Vermont Hillel, (802) 238-4326 (LGBTQIA+ Affirming)

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