Payment Plans

Champlain College offers payment options to full-time and part-time students. Please read the terms of these options carefully before choosing one. Full-time students are those enrolled for 12 or more credits per semester. Students receiving financial aid are responsible for paying the portion not covered by pending aid according to the payment plan elected.

Full-time Student Payment Plans (12 or more credits per semester)

Tuition Management Systems, Inc. (TMS)

For new students beginning in the spring semester, there is a five month payment plan beginning October 15-February 15.

Champlain College offers a monthly payment plan for full-time students to budget annual tuition, room and board and other fees over ten equal payments beginning May 15 - February 15. This plan is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Plan information is mailed to all students in April and our staff can assist with budget calculations.

There is a enrollment fee of $65 for the full year plan or $45 for the spring semester plan. Monthly payments are paid to TMS by your choice of electronic check, paper check or credit card. To calculate the TMS budget, visit and complete the online payment planner with Champlain College's tuition and fees. Please call Champlain College for questions about budgeting to allow for deductions for deposits, scholarships or other financial aid. Students receive an online billing statement each semester from the College which will show the TMS payment plan credited to each semester. If there is a remaining balance due on the billing statement, the TMS budget may be adjusted to resolve this balance to avoid a late payment fee.

Pre-Payment Tuition Plan

Champlain College offers a Tuition Pre-Payment Plan which allows full-time traditional undergraduate accepted students to prepay up to four years of full-time tuition. The Plan will stabilize full-time tuition at the current year's rate. Full payment is due on the Fall Semester due date and may be paid by paper check or EFT with the Enrollment Form. Pre-Payment Tuition Plan funds that are unused due to early graduation or a student leaving Champlain College will be refunded.

Students received an online billing statement each semester from the College which will show the Plan credited to each semester's tuition fee. If there is also credit from financial aid applicable to the semester and overpays the semesters fees, a refund will be issued to the student.

For more information or to enroll in this payment plan, please see the forms below.

If you have questions concerning payment plans, please contact our Enrollment Service Center at 802.860.2777.

Part-time (less than 12 credits per semester) and Graduate Student Payment Plans

TouchNet Payment Plans for Graduate, Summer and Part-Time Students

Payment plans are available to graduate, part-time and summer students. Plan options are viewable in our TouchNet bill presentment and payment system that is accessed through WebAdvisor. Students may enroll in an online payment plan with an enrollment fee of $35. After logging into WebAdvisor, click on "Student" and under the "Student Accounts" heading, click "Student Statement & Payment", and then "Click Here to Continue" to locate your online billing statement.

To view payment plans that may be available to you, please click on the menu header "Payment Plans". If you are eligible for a payment plan, your enrollment options will appear on the following page.