Traditional Undergraduate Billing Information

Due Dates

Fall Semester: Payments are due August 1
Spring Semester: Payments are due December 1

Late Payment Fees

All balances not resolved by the dates above will be assessed a late payment fee of $250 for balances above $1,000, and $100 for balances of $1,000 or less.

Financial Holds

Students who fail to pay their bill in full by the due date may face:

Billing Dates & Deadlines

Semester Billing Date Payment Due in Full
Fall July 1 August 1
Spring November 1 December 1
Summer TBD TBD

Statements are not mailed but may be printed from our TouchNet billing system. Students may allow others to view and/or pay bills online by registering them online as an authorized user. Please visit our View & Pay My Bill page for instructions.

Viewing Your Account & Making Payments

woman using laptop to pay student bills

Spring statements are posted to student accounts around mid-November. All payments are made online through TouchNet. A posted statement may actually reflect a credit balance if there is estimated financial aid that will overpay that semester’s tuition and fees.

Credit Balances & Refunds

A posted statement may actually reflect a credit balance if there is estimated financial aid that will overpay the semester’s tuition and fees. Students who receive financial aid in excess of their billed charges will be issued a refund. The refund is part of your loan meaning you will need to pay it back with interest along with the rest of your loan.

If you do not wish to borrow funds in excess of your charges, you can reduce the amount you are borrowing by contacting Compass Student Services. Otherwise, a refund will only be issued after the funds have been received by the College and the student’s enrollment has been confirmed.

A refund will not be issued for accounts with payment plans through TouchNet Payment Plans since the account is not actually paid in full until all payments are completed.

Student Accounts

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