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Student Accounts

Student Accounts manages the student billing and payment process.

Welcome to Student Accounts!

Student Accounts is responsible for recording and maintaining all financial transactions that impact your student account. We are dedicated to helping students and guardians understand their financial responsibilities.

Charges to your student account include tuition, housing and dining, and fees. Any changes to your course schedule or room and board will impact your charges due.

Credits toward your student account include scholarships, financial aid, and other forms of payment. Changes to your financial aid will impact your credits.

Students are encouraged to view their bill through self-service regularly, especially if changes are made to any charges or credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If a student is not yet enrolled in electronic refunds to directly deposit to their bank account, a refund check is mailed to the local address during the academic year. We recommend electronic check refunds to avoid mailing delays.

    Update Your Information

  • Statements are not mailed but may be printed from our TouchNet billing system. Students may allow others to view and/or pay bills online by registering them online as an authorized user. Please visit our View & Pay My Bill page for information on how to do this.

  • Yes! Champlain College offers interest-free, monthly payment plans for students to cover the cost of tuition, room, board, and other fees each semester. To enroll in a payment plan, log into your online student account. Students and Authorized Users can set up payment plans in TouchNet.

    Learn About Payment Plans

  • Full-time, traditional undergraduate students may complete an online waiver form on our Health Insurance page.

  • We recommend that you receive your refund via Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit), for your own peace of mind and to support Champlain’s sustainability initiatives. Electronic refunds are directly deposited to your bank account and an email notification is sent to the student when the refund has been released. Please see our refunds page for more information.

    Beginning the third Friday of each semester, students who receive financial aid that overpays their student account statement will receive a refund after their enrollment is confirmed. If a student is not enrolled in electronic refunds, a check will be issued and mailed to the student’s address on file.

    Study abroad students must also complete enrollment verification through the Office of International Student Services before a refund check can be mailed to the home address.

Student Accounts

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