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Throughout its history, Champlain College has benefited from strong leaders with the vision and dedication to create a singular academic experience; one that challenges motivated students to achieve their intellectual and professional goals.

President Hernandez meets with NuHarbor executives

Diverse Voices

From the Board of Trustees to the President, faculty and staff, Champlain is a community focused on optimizing student outcomes and experiences through the many voices that make up our leadership.

Mission, Vision & Values

We embrace our Champlain tradition as an institution that prepares students to excel through radically pragmatic career-focused education. We are a supportive learning community that advances society by delivering uniquely future-focused academic programs, transformative hands-on experiences, and meaningful connections and collaborations that engage the passions of our students to create a better world.

Champlain College empowers learners. We continuously invent and offer highly distinctive academic programs and practical experiences that lead to outstanding careers and personal success.

  • Innovation: We anticipate the future and thrive in dynamic conditions.
  • Engaged Learning: We commit to learning so everyone does meaningful work.
  • Inclusivity: We practice inclusive teamwork and value diverse individual strengths.
  • Practicality: We provide experiential professional education.
  • Interconnectedness: We connect with people and places, from the local to the global.

R/Evolutionary: Strategic Plan 2030

The critical need for higher education to prepare professionally focused global citizens and future leaders to solve complex challenges is more essential and central to our purpose than ever before. Keeping those priorities at the forefront, we also recognize that the evolving needs of our students require us to adapt accordingly.

Our Strategic Plan 2030 calls for the College to overcome existential challenges and to thrive. This plan and the attitude it embodies reflect the essential spirit of Champlain. We do, in fact, dare.

Strategic Goals

  • Relentlessly Pursue & Provide a World-Class Education
  • Foster a Welcoming, Supportive & Just Community
  • Cultivate Engaged & Thriving Students
  • Champion Employee Excellence
  • Prioritize Career Success
  • Achieve & Maintain Robust Financial Health

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