President Hernandez speaks at orientation

Ready to Build a Better Future

Students come to Champlain College to build a better future. Our students graduate Ready. Ready for work. Ready for life. Ready to make a difference.

Champlain Leadership

Throughout its history, Champlain College has benefited from strong leaders with the vision and dedication to create a singular academic experience; one that challenges motivated students to achieve their intellectual and professional goals. From the Board of Trustees to the President, faculty and staff, Champlain is a community focused on optimizing student outcomes and experiences.

  • Alex Hernandez

    Liza Geduldig
    Director of Operations
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    Jennifer Nicholls, Ed.D.
    Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives

    Leandre Waldo, MBA
    Chief of Staff
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  • Dr. Leslie Averill
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    Dr. Monique Taylor
    Provost & Chief Academic Officer

    Sarah Boston Andriano
    Vice President for Advancement and Community Engagement

    Danelle Berube
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Institutional Emergency Management Coordinator

    Kathy Ehlers
    Vice President for Enrollment Strategy & Marketing

    Chris Montagnino
    Vice President of Online Education

    Diana Matot
    Vice President for Technology, Chief Information Officer

    • Judith W. O’Connell, Chairperson
    • Sara Byers H’15, Vice Chairperson
    • Michele Asch
    • Dan Boardman
    • Lucia Campriello
    • Jim Crook
    • Laura Dagan
    • Ian Davis
    • Marguerite Dibble ’12
    • Michael Dubie
    • Justin Fimlaid
    • David Finney
    • Jim Foster
    • Kristin Halpin Perry ’89
    • Mahmoud Jabari ’15
    • Aimee Marti
    • Corinn McCarthy Bergeron G’10
    • Mari McClure
    • Kojo Mensah-Bonsu III ‘97
    • Michael Metz
    • Ken Minklei P’21
    • Premila Peters
    • David Provost
    • Raj Rawal
    • Russ Scully
    • Julie Snow ’86
    • Eduardo Vazquez ’10
    • Jon Wettstein

    Meet the Board of Trustees

    • President: Tony Perriello
    • Vice President: Jen Vincent
    • Secretary: Sheila Liming

    Meet the Faculty Senate

    • President: Danielle L’Esperance
    • Vice-President: Kelsey O’Connor
    • Secretary:
    • Treasurer: Cory Davis
    • Co-Chair, Welfare & Advocacy Committee
    • Co-Chair, Communication and Engagement Committee
      • Olivia Vittitow, InSight Program Manager, Career Collaborative (Two year term, ends 2026)
      • Kyra Yu, Event Operations Coordinator, Conference & Event Center (Two year term, ends 2025)
    • Co-Chair, Networking Committee
      • Kevin Duerr, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar (Two year term, ends 2026)
      • Zach Harrison, Associate Director for Housing Operations, Office of Housing & Residential Life (Two year term, ends 2026)
    • Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee
      • Melissa Proietti, Assistant Director, Montreal Campus (Two year term, ends 2026)

    Meet the Staff Council

2030 R/Evolutionary Strategic Plan Goals

  • Relentlessly Pursue & Provide a World-Class Education

    Champlain College provides an unrivaled, career-forward education. Our students join a lifelong learning community who shares their aspirations. Expert faculty and staff deliver to our students a best-in-class curriculum, transformative experiences, and local to global partnerships that forge professional skills, shape interpersonal competencies, positively impact communities, and promote personal success.

  • Foster a Welcoming, Supportive & Just Community

    Champlain College fosters a welcoming environment for our community of students, faculty, and staff. We proactively build bridges to create a culture of diversity, equity, integrity, and mutual respect for all, taking care to include historically marginalized groups. We work cooperatively to create an increasingly inclusive culture.

  • Cultivate Engaged & Thriving Students

    Champlain College is a dynamic, accessible, and supportive learning environment informed by the complexities of individual student biographies. Students embark on a journey of exploration to discover their passions and career opportunities. Meaningful relationships and endeavors prepare students for a lifetime of learning and fulfillment.

  • Champion Employee Excellence

    Champlain College attracts, retains, and nurtures forward-thinking educators and professionals by creating a culture where expertise and curiosity are celebrated, and where employees challenge, expand, and push the boundaries of their fields. They pursue their academic and professional passions, work collaboratively, and inspire our students.

  • Prioritize Career Success

    Champlain College will create career success by building the finest student Career Center in the nation. The Center will attain outstanding results in job placement of graduates, identify and support professionally focused experiential learning, teach skills relevant to career success, develop a robust alumni job network, and research emerging career fields to inform new program development. Champlain will continue to serve as an engine for the Vermont economy.

  • Achieve & Maintain Robust Financial Health

    Champlain College achieves financial results that fuel innovation, growth, and agility by attaining strategic enrollment and fundraising goals. Our capacity to innovate grows through new revenue-generating endeavors. Activities that contribute to strategic goals are prioritized for financial resources.

Education creates opportunity, and I’ve dedicated my life to the idea that we can build institutions that get students ready, not by luck or privilege, but by design. Ready for work. Ready for life. Ready to make a difference.
Alex Hernandez, Champlain College President
President Alex Hernandez

Office of the President

Freeman Hall, Room 300
371 Maple Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM