Experience Being Challenged

Professors at Champlain will push you to do more, think more and learn more. It's what they do — and it's why their students love them. 

You will find that professors at Champlain take a different approach to your education: it's an approach that's personal, it's challenging on an individual level, it puts the focus on identifying your passion and talents, it involves extensive hands-on experience–and it dares you not only to exceed your academic potential, but also to begin actively shaping your future success. 

Champlain professors bring years of real-world experience to the classroom. They teach with an insider's understanding of their field, and breathe life into textbook theories and concepts with their own success stories. As their student, you'll come to respect both their professional and intellectual accomplishments. Inspired by their success, you'll be motivated to attain your own.

Because our classes are small, you'll forge strong, personal relationships with your professors. They'll advise you on your major. They'll assist you in finding internships to enhance your resume. They'll help with your future plans whether you're stepping into your first career or heading to graduate school. 

Not only will they be your professors, they'll be your mentors, championing your success every step of the way on your path to an exciting future. Your success is their highest priority.