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Push your creativity

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable while being fearlessly creative, expanding your skill set and your artistic expression.

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Fine Arts for Today’s Creator Economy.

Our distinctive Creative Media major allows you to expand your artistic skill set, develop your own ideas about artistic expression, and push creative boundaries in unprecedented ways.

What does it mean to be an artist today? How do artists respond to important issues facing society, and what opportunities are there for community engagement? These questions (and more) will drive your study in this unique major.

What Is Creative Media?

Creative Media is a sandbox for exploring multiple creative media areas and learn how digital and traditional approaches can be combined. As a Creative Media student, you’ll deepen your skill set and hone your creative process, while becoming familiar with branding, entrepreneurship, and curatorial practices. Finally, evaluate, deconstruct, and revise your work in production classes and seminars as you define your artistic process and develop a distinctive artistic voice.

Why Study it at Champlain?

Like all of Champlain’s academic programs, Creative Media is grounded in hands-on learning that puts you at the center of your studies. This program distinguishes itself from other fine art programs in the country through its cross-disciplinary focus, with a deliberate emphasis on the business aspect of artistic endeavors, and the support of faculty and career counselors. You’ll creatively explore emerging media forms and prepare to viably apply your talents and skills to the marketplace. You’ll become proficient in multiple disciplines, giving you the ability to fulfill various roles in the creative media industry.

Along with Creative Media project-based classes and seminars that all students in the program take, you can tailor your education to suit your interests and goals. Choose two out of the following six concentrations—one primary focus and one secondary—to create your program of study.

  • Creative Writing: Develop your unique voice by studying the craft and discipline of writing.
  • Game Media: Explore the process of creating visual elements and assets for game media.
  • Interaction Design: Get introduced to the sensory side of interfaces—sounds, images, how pages move—with a focus on interactivity as a design element.
  • Moving Image: Explore the power of the moving image, from narrative storytelling to non narrative experimental filmmaking.
  • Visual Art & Design: Push creative boundaries by studying a combination of drawing, print making, photography, and digital art.
  • Sonic Arts: Get introduced to the world of sound, including recording and music production techniques, such as signal flow, mixing, mastering, compression, and online delivery.
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Different by Design

Develop Versatile Skills

This professionally focused creative media major is distinguished from other fine art programs with its cross-disciplinary focus, deliberate emphasis on the business aspect of artistic endeavors, and support of courageous innovation.

Get Career-Ready

You can creatively explore emerging media forms as you prepare to apply your talents and skills to the marketplace.

Thinking Bigger

You’ll be challenged to consider how artists are part of society and how they engage with important issues of today.


According to, creative media specialists earn competitive salaries, reflecting a demand for their specialized skills.


of Creative Media majors in the Class of 2023 were employed within six months of graduation.


Student to Faculty ratio ensures you can always get the help you need.

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Creative Media Admissions Requirements

Get prepared to apply as a Creative Media student.

The Creative Media major at Champlain College is a multi-media program that combines cutting-edge media with traditional fine arts in order to push the boundaries of creative expression. To be successful, students must enter the program with an innovative mindset, technical aptitude, and a passion for creating deliverables using many forms of media that showcase your distinctive voice as an artist. As part of the application for admission into the Creative Media major, Champlain College requires the submission of a portfolio consisting of 5 files and completing a form.

See our portfolio requirements for more specific information on what to submit, and check out this article with tips from past and current Creative Media students on how to shape your portfolio submission.

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Career Success

Creative Media majors are given the freedom to explore various creative pathways. 88% of Creative Media majors in the Class of 2023 were employed within six months of graduation.

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By the time you graduate, you will …

  • Have gained skills in multiple creative media areas and learn how digital and traditional approaches can be combined.
  • Connected your creative passions to the world at large.
  • Explored the artistic process by evaluating, deconstructing, and revising your work in innovative production classes and seminars.
  • Become familiar with branding, entrepreneurship, and curatorial practices.
  • Have created a broad portfolio and a résumé that will help you stand out in this extremely competitive field.

You’ll Find a Career In…

  • Arts administration
  • Interior design
  • Commercial photography
  • Set design
  • Mural artistry
  • Product design
  • Architecture

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