Staff Member Champlain College Online 
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Education University of Colorado at Boulder, Bachelor of Arts; Pine Manor College, Associate of Arts
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Anne currently works in CCO as a Senior Course Producer. Anne started working at Champlain in 2013 in eLearning. Anne received her B.A. degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Art History. After finishing college in Colorado, Anne moved to Jackson, Wyoming for 3 years to study the social behavior of coyotes. After Wyoming, she moved to Seattle, Washington for 6 years where she worked for the Geophysics Department studying Mount St. Helens. While in Seattle, Anne also volunteered with SARDA, Mountain Search and Rescue Dogs. Anne has lived in Burlington Vermont for over 37 years. When she is not producing online courses for CCO, she can be found “enjoying” her daughter, Mollie, her Scotch Collie, CinnBreagh, and her Champlain College Community garden plot.

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