Victorian-era Mansion Res Hall

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Check out your residence hall options and complete your Housing Preference Form. 

On this page, you'll find an overview of all our housing options (after all, you'll be here for four years, so you might want to know what other residence halls are out there!). You'll also find step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the all-important Housing Preference Form (and, for students committed prior to July 16, the Housing Intention Form).

NEW! In order to accurately determine the number of students seeking housing for the Fall 2020 semester, we are asking ALL students to decelare their interest in on-camous housing by completing the Housing Intent Form by July 16. The form asks whether you are certain you wish to live on-campus or off-campus or whether that decision depends on your Fall schedule. All first-year students who complete the form are guaranteed on-campus housing, but students who do not complete the form will NOT be housed. See below for instruction.

Housing assignments for Fall 2020 will be available on August 3, 2020. To protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and stuff, we have reduced the density of our residence halls. All first-year students will be housed on Main Campus in singles and doubles in first-year-specific residence halls.

If you requested on-campus housing and no longer require it, please send an email to as soon as possible so we can release the space to another student. You may cancel your housing prior to move-in without penalty. After move-in, housing cancellations are charged a $500 cancellation fee.



How to Submit Your Housing Preference Form

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Living on campus is a rich, rewarding experience and an important part of your Champlain education. Life in the residence halls will help you connect outside the classroom, while the convenient campus location—just a short walk from downtown Burlington and the waterfront—ensures that you have ready access to the shops and services of Vermont's largest city. In addition to the descriptions below, be sure to review our Residential Life FAQ's for answers to important housing-related questions.


  • Victorian-Era Mansions // Once occupied by some of Burlington's most prominent citizens, our 20 restored Victorian-era mansion residence halls house all first-year students.
  • Upper-Class Students // While many upper-class students choose to continue to live in our on-campus Victorian-era mansions, some choose our other residential housing options:
    • Contemporary // Our contemporary, suite-style accommodations are right on or within walking distance from campus.
    • Apartment-Style // We have deluxe apartments just a few blocks away, with shuttles running from early morning to late at night.
    • Off-Campus // For those looking for comfortable living off campus, we have resources to help locate nearby housing.
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To accept your offer of admission to Champlain College, please submit your enrollment deposit by the stated deadlines below. You will receive a confirmation email of your deposit once it has been processed.

  • Early Decision: within three weeks of date of admission letter
  • Regular Decision: by June 1
  • Transfers starting Fall 2020: within two weeks of the date of your financial aid award letter.

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You will have access to the Housing Preference Form in The Housing Director (THD, our online housing selection tool) if:

1) You have received your username and temporary password in an email (subject: "Activate Your Champlain College Student Account"), and

2) You have activated your Champlain College Student Account. (Details on activating your account were sent to you in the email referenced above.) Visit to activate your account if you have not already done so.

Once your account is activated, visit The Housing Director (THD), select the "Sign into THD Self-Service using Champlain" option, and log in using your Champlain College username and password. (Your username is still your firstname.lastname.) The deadline for completion of this form is June 15, 2020; however, students who deposit after this date will still be able to access and submit the form. 

If you have trouble logging in, please first try a different browser. Contact Housing and Residential Life by email ( or by phone (802.860.2704) if you continue to experience issues.

    1. You will be taken to the Housing home page. Click on "Applications" from the menu on the left side and select "Incoming Student Housing Preference Form (Fall 2020)" from the drop-down menu.
    2. Provide an electronic signature for the Main Campus Housing Agreement and click "Continue."
    3. Complete the My Information portion of the Housing Selection Preference Form, indicating the choices that best suit your lifestyle. Click "Continue.
    4. Add your Living Requests to rank your top three building preferences. Click "Continue" to submit your form. 

You may edit the Incoming Student Housing Preference Form until June 15 as much as you wish. There is no downside to editing the form; the more information we have, the better we'll be able to pair you with your new roommates!

Please note: Students placed in College housing are bound by a cancellation policy (outlined below). We encourage you to be in touch with the Office of Housing and Residential Life at as soon as possible if your plans for on-campus housing change after you have submitted your Incoming Student Housing Preference Form.

Incoming first-year and transfer students who reserve Main Campus housing by submitting the Incoming Student Housing Preference Form on The Housing Director (THD) have until August 2, 2020, to cancel their housing request without penalty. Beginning August 3, 2020, the following fees apply based on the date of cancellation:

    • Cancel Aug 3–Aug 15, 2020: $250 cancellation fee
    • Cancel anytime on or after Aug 16, 2020: $500 cancellation fee
    • Cancel after move-in, including mid-year: student is responsible for the full cost of the semester, plus $500 cancellation fee

Want to find and select a roommate?

By creating a roommate profile you can search for other students with similar interests. Individuals who wish to live together must each select the other(s). Roommate searching is available through June 1. Follow the instructions below to find and select roommates.

    1. Complete a Roommate Profile by selecting the "Personal Information" tab from the menu of the Housing home page and then clicking "Roommate Profile." (Maintain the default setting "Profile Privacy: Display my information and my profile" to enable roommate selection.) Add your Contact Information, and write My Profile so that other students can learn more about you, then click "Update Roommate Profile."
    2. To search for a roommate, select "Room Selection" from the menu, then "Select Roommates." Change the Term to "Fall 2020." Use the "Search for Roommate" section to identify other students with lifestyle choices and interests similar to your own. Students who meet your search requirements will be displayed. Students who have already identified a roommate can search for that individual using the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields. (Only students who have completed a Roommate Profile will appear in the results.)
    3. You may contact any students you would like to connect with before requesting them as a roommate. Their preferred contact information is in their profile. Once you've selected the individual(s) you would like to live with, click "Request Roommate."
    4. Once a request is sent, the other student must confirm or cancel the request. Once a confirmation is complete, you're done!

Housing assignments will be made by August 3, 2020, and will appear on your THD home page.

Link to this FAQ

The Office of Accessibility strives to provide successful access and services to qualified students with disabilities. The Office of Accessibility staff will work with students to coordinate academic and housing accommodations. Upon receipt of a completed Accommodations Request Form, a staff member will be in touch to discuss your request.

If you are in need of accommodations, please submit the appropriate form(s) for your needs by June 15:

Academic Accommodations Request Form     Housing Accommodations Request Form

Link to this FAQ

All students are asked to complete the Housing Intention form by July 16. The form asks students to indicate whether they are certain they wish to live on-campus or off-campus or whether their decision will be determined by their schedule. By completing the form, students are providing the data our Housing & Residential Life team needs to determine the amount of on-campus housing available. All first-year students who complete the Housing Intent Form and indicate an interest in on-campus housing are guaranteed a single or double occupancy room on campus. This form is in addition to the Housing Preference Form. If you are a new student who just deposited, please complete BOTH forms.

 Please note:

  • Students who do not complete the form will not have an opportunity to request housing at a later date. 
  • Students who complete the form by indicating that they are uncertain of their plans will be contacted for more information before housing assignments are made.
  • Students who indicate an interest in on-campus housing by completing the form and later make a determination to live off-campus/at home will be able to cancel their housing without penalty until August 24.
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First-Year Housing

Victorian-era Mansion Res Hall

Victorian-Era Res Halls

First-year students live in one of the 20 beautifully restored Victorian-era mansions that ring our central campus. These grand and stately homes in the historic Hill Section of Burlington retain the gorgeous details of their era, but all have been updated to include ultrafast Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and other amenities. 

Check them out here

View of the front entrance of Schillhammer Hall
Outside front view of Cushing Hall
Two students walk towards two other friends who are sitting on the steps of a residence hall
Exterior shot of the front of Bankus Hall.
Exterior shot of the front of Rowell Hall.
Exterior shot of the front of South House.
Exterior shot of the front of South House.
Exterior shot of the front of MacDonald House.
Exterior shot of the front of Pearl Hall.
Exterior shot of the front of Bader Hall.