Guidelines for Work-Study Students

Be On Time

Being punctual is very important, as your supervisor relies on your dependability and presence to deliver quality service. Remember that you are part of a team and your absences or tardiness will result in your co-workers having to perform additional work, and may also compromise the office's quality of service. Be sure to discuss the policy in your particular office regarding tardiness as there are instances when it could mean dismissal from the position.


You are responsible for notifying your supervisor when you will be out due to illness as soon as the situation permits. Once a shift has been set, you'll be responsible for your schedule and any changes or revisions you would like to make to your work schedule must be approved by your supervisor in advance. If you are struggling with challenges due to your classwork or personal issues, please have a conversation with your supervisor before this becomes a concern for you or the office you are working in. If you plan to terminate your employment, please give your supervisor two weeks' notice.

Be a Team Player

Remember that you are working on a team, and you are expected to be a team player. Sometimes you will be asked to do tasks that you might not enjoy or find challenging, such as filing, data entry, working outside in cold weather or cleaning up after an event. It is important to realize that "housekeeping" duties are a part of any job you are likely to have in the future. Help out while maintaining a positive and respectful attitude.

Dress Code

Most offices have a dress code. However, if your office does not define a dress code, then it is up to you to wear appropriate clothing. If you are raking, mowing, planting, setting up facilities or working in a storage area, you will not be expected to wear office-style clothing. Please check with your supervisor regarding special requirements for safety as well as appropriateness of clothing for special events.

It is important to discuss the dress code in a particular office prior to accepting a position, as there may be restrictions regarding what you may wear due to the clientele the office serves. Please be respectful of these requirements. Failure to adhere to dress codes established by your supervisor will be cause to dismiss you for that day. Repeated abuse of the policy can be cause for termination. Please discuss any concerns with your supervisor.

Personal Phone Use

Personal phone use during your shift is prohibited without the express permission of your supervisor. If you are seen using your phone without prior permission, you may be asked to leave it with your supervisor until the end of your shift.

For additional guidance and policies not listed here, please refer to the Undergraduate College Catalog, where you will find College Policies and the Standard of Conduct.