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Resources for Student Employees

The People Center is here to help you through the administrative aspects of being a student worker. From time cards to payroll, we're here to help.

There are several aspects to student employment from recruitment to payday.

The People Center is here to help you get all your administrative tasks completed so you can begin your on-campus position. This includes processing documentation regarding your identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. We’ll also get you set up with Oracle, our timekeeping and payroll database.

And once you get started, don’t worry. We’re always here to answer questions as you go!

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How to Apply

  • Have a resume and work availability ready to attach to your application.
  • Off-campus positions may require additional documents to apply.
  • All hiring decisions are made by the prospective employer.
  • Contact Ethan Garharrt in Career Collaborative with questions about open positions.

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How to Upload a New Document

You’re hired! Now what?

This is where the People Center comes in!

When starting your first job at Champlain, there are a few next steps all employees need to take.

  • The I-9 form verifies your identity and employment authorization for employment in the United States.

    You may NOT begin working until this form has been completed.

    Once your manager submits a request to hire you, you can expect an email from HireRight containing information about completing your federal I-9 Form.

    Section 1 of your I-9 can be completed online; view the step-by-step guide for help. Section 2 must be completed at Compass Student Services in Perry Hall. You MUST bring the proper documentation with you.

    View a List of Acceptable Documentation

  • After your I-9 is complete and processed, you and your manager will receive a “May Begin Working” email. This email will contain important information about your position and start date along with a guide to completing your onboarding in Oracle.

    Oracle is a single sign on system which means you will use your Champlain email and password.

    The onboarding tasks to be completed on your first day of work include:

    1. Acknowledgements: review the confidentiality misconduct, and complaint policies
    2. I-9 Sections 1 and 2: confirm that both parts of your I-9 have been completed
    3. Reviewing and Acknowledging Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options
    4. Direct Deposit: to set up electronic payment to your bank account
    5. Reviewing and Acknowledging the Universal Availability Notice
    6. Completing your W-4 (not available until your first day of work)
  • Oracle is also Champlain’s payroll system. This is where you enter hours and submit a time card each pay period.

    Champlain operates on a bi-weekly pay period and you want to be sure to submit your completed time card for approval before the end of each pay period. In order to be paid on time, all hours must be approved by the appropriate supervisor by the end of the pay period.

    We strongly recommend setting up Direct Deposit in Oracle for electronic payments.

    In order to be paid on time, hours must be approved by ALL supervisors you worked for during the pay period by the end of the pay period. View the bi-weekly payroll schedule here and look out for any emails from the People Center regarding any changes due to holidays!

    Pay Schedule

Student Wage Rates

Student Level 1 Student Level 2 Student Level 3 Student Level 4
$13.70/hr $13.95/hr $14.20/hr $14.45/hr

Note: Rates are subject to change as of the first of each year.

Student Employment Team

Financial Aid/Federal Work-Study

Kim Moran

  • Ensures federal work-study compliance
  • Manages federal work-study agreement contracts with off-campus employers
  • Approves new job positions (work-study & part-time student employment)
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors
  • Approves federal work-study new hires in Oracle

Email Kim

Career Collaborative

Ethan Garhartt

  • Posts open student employee jobs on Handshake
  • Assists with recruitment and selection process
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors of student employees
  • Assists student employees and supervisors job match

Email Ethan

People Center

Ashley Taylor

  • Processes I-9
  • Payroll
  • Processes new positions in Oracle
  • Hires student employees in Oracle
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors
  • Manages student summer employment (part-time)

Email Ashley

Did you know?

Every student automatically gets a Handshake account.
Log in using your Champlain College login credentials to start searching for your next job.


  • In Oracle, click on the Time and Absences app and select Current Time Card. Select Add and input the Position, Payroll Time Type (EARN CC Student Hourly), Date, Start Time and End Time. Do not fill out the Absence Type or Quantity fields. Once all the relevant information is inputted, click Ok and then Save and Close.

  • Time Cards are due by Monday at 10am of each pay period*, and supervisors must approve by Monday at noon. If you do not submit your hours by this deadline, your wages may be delayed until the next pay period. The biweekly pay schedule can be found here.

    *Time Cards will be due Friday at 10am if Monday is a Federal Holiday or falls on a school break, and the college is closed. Student employees will receive an email reminder in advance to these dates. If you are scheduled to work Friday or Saturday, enter those hours in advance to be included in the pay period.

  • In Oracle, click on the Time and Absences app and select Existing Time Cards. If the Time Card you want to edit is not listed, you must create it by selecting Add and inputting the start date of that pay period under Date. The pay period schedule can be found here. Once the new Time Card is created, enter your hours and submit for approval.

  • In Oracle, click on the Time and Absences app and select Existing Time Cards. Select the Time Card you want to edit, make the corrections to your hours, and resubmit.

    Be sure to notify your supervisor(s) that you have updated your hours so that they can approve your updated Time Card. If you have more than one position, ALL of your supervisors will have to reapprove.

People Center

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