Traditional Undergraduate Students Billing Information

Due Date & Late Payments

Fall Semester: Payments are due August 10

Spring Semester: Payments are due December 1

All balances not resolved by the dates above will be assessed a late payment fee of $250 for balances above $1,000, and $100 for balances of $1,000 or less. Students who fail to pay their bill in full by the due date may face: 

  • Deregistration from classes. 
  • Loss of Champlain housing assignment. 

Viewing Your Account & Making Payments (Updated July, 10, 2020)

July 15, 2020: Fall bills will be posted to student accounts for the following groups: New incoming students and students who are assigned to live at 194 St. Paul Street.

July 20, 2020: Fall bills posted for all remaining students (bill will not include housing charges).

July 29, 2020: Revised Fall bills posted for returning students with on-campus housing assignments.

August 10, 2020: Fall 2020 bills final due date. 

Spring statements are posted to student accounts on or around November 7. All payments are made online through TouchNet. A posted statement may actually reflect a credit balance if there is estimated financial aid that will overpay that semester's tuition and fees (see 'Credit Refunds & Balances' below).

Learn how to view and make payments on your account. 

Need Help?

Compass Student Services can assist you with your billing and financial aid questions. Please feel free to contact us at 802.992.1474, 800.570.5858 or

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All full-time undergraduate traditional students* (registered for 12 credits or more, with no more than 50% online courses) are billed for Student Health Insurance.

This plan is mandatory for students who are not covered by another policy and have not completed the online waiver form. A charge of $980 per semester is billed to the student account unless a waiver is completed by the deadline. Review the Summary of Benefits to determine your health insurance coverage needs.

Health Insurance cards confirming coverage are mailed to students' local address by mid-September.

Health Insurance Waivers must be completed by the Fall semester billing due date of August 19, 2020. To complete a Health Insurance Waiver: 

  • Students can login to WebAdvisor. (Authorized users cannot complete the waiver).
  • Under the heading "Student Accounts," click "Students" and "FT Decline Health In." You will arrive at the Consolidated Health Plans Champlain College website to complete the waiver.
  • Once on this webpage, click on the blue tab labeled "Waiver" to DECLINE your health insurance.
  • Read the Disclosure Acknowledgement to ensure you understand the insurance coverage. Choose "Continue" at the bottom to go to the waiver form.
  • Complete the required information. To decline, you must enter your current insurance information. Review and click on "Submit."
  • Check the box to indicate that the data is accurate and complete. Type your name in the "Electronic Signature" box, and then click "Submit." You will see a message that the waiver has been submitted.
  • Shortly after completing the waiver form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print this confirmation and retain for your records as verification that you have successfully completed the insurance waiver.
  • It may take a few days for your Health Insurance fee to be removed from your student account. Please review "Current Account Activity" for this update to your student account balance.

If you have any problems with the online waiver form, please contact Compass Student Services at 802.992.1474.

If a waiver is not received by August 10, 2020, the insurance plan and associated cost of $980 per semester will remain in effect for the full academic year, unless the student withdraws from the College. 

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The College offers a ten-month or eight-month payment plan through NelNet -Campus Commerce / TMS starting in May or July respectively. Both plans end in February 2021. If the May 15th enrollment date has passed, TMS will continue to accept applications, however you will be responsible for the total of the monthly payments up until that point. (For example, if you enroll in July, you will need to submit the monthly payments for May, June and July.)

The application must be accompanied by the $65.00 non-refundable application fee and the sum of the monthly payments for each month from May through your start month. These payments should be sent directly to TMS and by July 15 to be processed before the August 10, 2020 statement due date. For further information, please contact NelNet Campus Commerce / TMS directly at or (800) 722-4867. To avoid a late payment fee from Champlain College, all payments due to TMS must be current as of August 10, 2020.

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Financial aid awards are listed as pending credits on the online billing statement.  

Federal Direct Loans: The pending credit listed for Federal Direct Loans is the net disbursement amount after loan processing fees.

Direct PLUS Loans: If a parent has been approved for a Direct PLUS loan by the billing date, the loan will appear on the bill as a pending credit. Parents applying for the Direct PLUS loan must go to and complete two steps: "Apply for a PLUS Loan" and "Complete Loan Agreement (MPN Master Promissory Note)."

Private Education Loans: Students who will be borrowing a Private Education Loan must be approved by the lender in order for the loan to be deducted from the bill. Direct PLUS and Private Loans not fully approved by August 10, 2020 are not deducted when determining the late payment fee, so we strongly encourage you to act promptly. 

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You may deduct from your payment due any private scholarships that will be disbursed to the College before August 1, 2018. Please send a copy of the scholarship letter or check to Compass Student Services and pay your remaining balance online.

If you have already received a financial aid award letter, these additional scholarship funds may impact certain aid eligibility, and the Office of Financial Aid may revise your award accordingly.

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A posted statement may actually reflect a credit balance if there is estimated financial aid that will overpay the semester's tuition and fees.

Students who receive financial aid in excess of their billed charges will be issued a refund in September. We recommend that you enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer (eChecks), through WebAdvisor to have these funds sent directly to your bank account. Enrolling in eCheck refunds ensures the fastest access to your refund.

A refund will only be issued after the funds have been received by the College and the student's enrollment has been confirmed—usually the third Friday of the semester. An email is sent once the funds have been released, so you will know when your refund has been processed. Proceeds from Parent PLUS Loans that exceed the cost of tuition, residence, meals, and other fees, will be refunded to the parent borrower. All other proceeds will be issued to the student. 

A refund will not be issued for accounts with payment plans for Tuition Management Systems since the account is not actually paid in full until all payments are completed.

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Residence hall charges are billed by semester.

  • The Carte Blanche meal plan is required for all students residing in Champlain College housing, except for:
    • 194 St. Paul Street
    • Dublin and Montreal campus residence halls
  • Residence hall deposits will be credited to your Spring Semester billing statement. If a student chooses not to reside in campus housing for the Spring Semester, the residence hall deposit will be forfeited.  
  • Residence hall damage deposits are billed at $50 per semester for main campus housing and $150 per semester for 194 St. Paul Street. Damage deposits are returned in late June  less any outstanding charges or fees.
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  • A lab fee is charged to specific program majors to maintain technological equipment & labs related to those majors.
  • The $220 Student Activity and Health Fee is assessed to all full-time and part-time students in support of student activities including on-campus speakers and other events, as well as Health Center Services.
  • The $220 First Year Fee is a one-time assessment to all first year students in support of orientation and first year software costs.
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Your ID card serves as your Champlain College Student ID, your meal plan card, and your residence hall key. You may also use the card to ride for free on any Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) bus in Chittenden County.

You have the option of using the card as a debit card at certain campus sites, such as the bookstore, campus laundry facilities and at EATS, our on-campus food court. Additionally, the card may be used with multiple vendors in the greater Burlington area, wherever merchants display our CC Cash Card logo. Tuition payments are not permissible via the CC Cash Card.

You may deposit funds to your Cash Card account 24 hours a day through our secure online portal.

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children's education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records.

When a student turns 18 years old or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, the rights provided by FERPA transfer from the parent(s) to the student. 

Once a student begins classes, a FERPA consent form is required in order to allow our staff to speak with parents about their student's account.

Learn more about FERPA and the FERPA waiver.

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