Student Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is required for all students, and all students are enrolled and billed for the College health insurance plan unless a health insurance waiver is completed. Details about the College health insurance plan, as well as details on how to waive coverage, are provided below.

Please note that the Consolidated Health Insurance is a term policy for the current year and will be canceled if the student withdraws from the College. 

2019/2020 Summary of Benefits Brochure

Plan Details: Coverage and Cost

All registered full-time traditional undergraduate students (12 credits or more, with no more than 50% online courses) are billed a fee each semester for student health insurance.

The cost for Fall 2019 is $970 per semester or $1940 for the 2019-2020 academic year. This plan is mandatory for all students who are not covered by another policy and have not completed the online waiver form. Health insurance cards confirming coverage will be mailed to the student's local address upon confirmation of student enrollment for the semester. Master of Fine Arts students may request student health insurance by contacting Compass Student Services at (802) 860-2777.

Health Insurance Waivers: Availability and Deadlines

Waivers are available and due as follows:

Students entering August 2019
Waiver available online June 15, 2019
Waiver deadline August 1, 2019

Students entering January 2020
Waiver available online November 1, 2019
Waiver deadline December 1, 2019

If a waiver is not received by the deadlines above, the insurance plan and associated cost of $970.00 will remain in effect for each semester, and the full cost will remain for the 2019-2020 academic year, unless the student withdraws from the College at the end of the 2019 Fall semester.

Completing a Health Insurance Waiver

  • Please visit CHP/Wellfleet Student Health Insurance Waiver to complete your annual health insurance waiver for the 2019/2020 academic year
  • Please ensure you have your student ID available as well as your current health insurance card

If students waive health insurance, they can only enroll in the College health insurance plan as a result of loss of coverage due to a Qualifying Life Event. Students must enroll within 60 days of the loss of coverage. Qualifying Life Events include:

  • Involuntary termination of the other health plan
  • Death of the Spouse
  • Legal separation, divorce, or annulment
  • Student is no longer covered as a Child under the other health plan

If you have any problems with the waiver form online, please contact Compass Student Services at (802) 860-2777.

Health insurance is not offered to part-time students.