Departmental Mail Processing

Please assist us in the processing of incoming and outgoing mail by following the procedures outlined below.

Outgoing mail is processed by department and the postage cost is charged to the respective budget on a monthly basis; therefore, be sure to place your outgoing mail in its proper folder or bin that has your department name on it. You can also write your department name above the Champlain College logo. We will pick up these folders and bins and bring them back to the mailroom for processing. All mail to be processed should be brought to the mailroom no later than 3:00 p.m. to make the 3:30 leave time to the Pine Street Carrier Station.

If your department is planning a large mailing (1000 pieces or more), we would appreciate a heads up and that you bring us the mailing to us as early as possible.

If you have missed a pick-up and want to bring inter-campus or out-going mail to the mailroom please feel free to do so we will assist you. If it's raining, even the slightest, please cover the mail.

Inter-Campus Mail

SEPARATE all student/department mail from any that needs postage. Do this by rubber banding it or placing it in a small mail tray. Help us eliminate the mail from being accidently run through our postage machine. This will SAVE YOUR DEPARTMENT MONEY!!

Please include name, department and box # on all faculty and staff mail.

Prepare and Separate Outgoing Mail as Follows

Letter sized envelopes

These can either be sealed or unsealed. Please prepare unsealed mail with flaps open and envelopes nested. If you need the long trays to do large mailings, please call or email us at and we can have them brought to you. We would prefer large mailings (#10 Envelopes) in the long trays not bins.

Flats-(Large Envelopes)

Keep these envelopes flat in the bins. Do not stand them up in bins as they get bent and crushed in delivery this makes it hard for these to go through the Pitney Bowes machine.  Please be sure that all envelopes are facing the same direction and sealed.


SEPARATE foreign mail from the domestic. Please put the name of the country on the bottom line of the address.  Any foreign mail that is over 16 ounces needs a customs form. Please let us know if you need one; we have them at the mailroom.

Certified/Return Receipt

Sender must fill out all forms. Attach the certified form (which has the bar code on it) at the top of the envelope, as far to the left as possible to allow room for postage on the right hand side of the envelope.   Please indicate on the green return receipt card the name of the department that is sending the item. This is necessary so that when the card is returned to the mailroom, it can be forwarded to the sender's department.


These are the two couriers, other than USPS, that the college uses for outgoing shipments. We can supply you with an air bill to fill out or we can prepare it for you online.  Doing your shipment online can be convenient especially if you ship to the same address frequently.
All packages should be brought to the mailroom by 3:00 to insure a timely pick up. FedEx's scheduled pickup is at 3:30 and UPS's is at 4:00 p.m. every day.

Stamped Mail

Please have all stamped mail banded together.

Note: If Possible...don't put any binder clips into envelopes that need processing. These can rip the envelope or incur more costs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime.

Linda @ext. 2385 - OR -  Theresa @ext. 2307
Champlain College Mailroom