Academic Affairs

Welcome from the Provost

Champlain College Senior VP for Academics, Laurie Quinn, Ph.D.

As the Senior Vice President for Academics at Champlain College, my role is to advocate for the needs of students and to champion the faculty who are dedicated to providing a relevant, rigorous education for our students.

Champlain College, as you will come to know and appreciate, is a very special place. A student-centered, professionally focused education lies at Champlain's core. In our undergraduate programs, we purposefully integrate a liberal education core, professional studies and cultural experiences to prepare students for challenging careers and meaningful lives.

Our approach to graduate and undergraduate education is experience-based, collaborative and interdisciplinary — an approach that we believe prepares Champlain students for challenging careers; introduces them to the academic and cultural experiences that will inspire them to life-long learning; and provides skills and awareness-based programs and activities that help them to their fullest potential.

We also believe that students are well-served when they live among the people and learn the customs of other cultures. While it is commonplace to note that the world is growing smaller, it is remarkable to experience how multi-faceted the world actually is. Champlain Abroad campuses in Montreal, Canada and Dublin, Ireland provide third-year students with the chance to immerse themselves in a culture and lifestyle unlike their own and, in so doing, become better able to take their places as active members of the global community. Each student's journey at Champlain College is transformative. I invite you to visit our campus and see first-hand the opportunities and challenges that await you here.

 — Laurie Quinn, Ph.D.