Champlain College is a teaching college that highly values the development of a reflective teaching practice that results in engaged, student-centered, active and rigorous learning. At Champlain College, seeking to improve your teaching is a sign of being dedicated to being the best instructor that you can be. Working on your teaching practice makes our Administrators smile.


Instructors at Champlain College are dedicated to the art and science of teaching. They actively share their teaching methods and philosophies with each other. Instructors from different disciplines meet in formal and informal faculty learning communities, share new ideas via email or other technology, guest present in one another’s classes, find ways to connect projects within their courses, and grab every opportunity they can to talk about teaching – how to reach their students, how to make learning more rigorous and more engaging. Instructors at Champlain love to teach and their students notice.

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Travel Courses

Faculty-led programs are short-term study abroad programs organized and initiated by a Champlain College faculty or staff member. Champlain Abroad works with the faculty/staff member to facilitate planning, risk management, and budgeting. The procedures outlined below serve as guidelines for faculty and staff members who wish to create an international education experience for Champlain College students.

  • All short term study abroad programs need approval from the appropriate Division Dean or Department. For faculty and staff who have interest in leading an education abroad program, please start by reviewing the Faculty Led Handbook (please note that you must be signed in to your Champlain account to see the Handbook) or contact Martha Moreno Linares. In order to receive approval, faculty/staff need to submit several documents including a syllabus/program description, a detailed itinerary, and a budget.  Please see the Handbook for more details and to find links to the current forms.

  • The Office of International Education has set policies which cover the risk management needs for all education abroad programs. Each education abroad program may have unique risk management needs, and it is important to work closely with the Office of International Education to navigate the program specifics. All students, faculty, and staff are required to purchase a comprehensive international health insurance policy. Additionally, students must fill out essential forms which consist of a Contract for Participation, Travel Waiver and an Emergency Contact/Medical Information form. Please contact Elin Melchior to purchase the study abroad medical insurance and receive samples of the essential forms.

  • Champlain College reserves the right to cancel a program due to health, safety and security concerns, low enrollment, or any other reason. In the event of a cancellation, every effort will be made to return recoverable costs to the student.

    Should a student decide to withdraw from a program, after signing the contract for participation, he/she is accountable for all program related fees.

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