Academic Administrators

Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate

Provost and Academic Affairs Office

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academics Dr. Laurie Quinn, Professor
Senior Associate Provost Dr. Michelle Miller, Professor
Associate Provost Dr. Lynne Ballard, Professor
Director, Dublin Campus Dr. Stephen Robinson, Associate Professor
Director, Montreal Campus Genevieve Lord
Sr. Director of Academic Resources & The Library Janet Cottrell
Learning Assessment Director Dr. Ellen Zeman
Registrar Becky Peterson

Core Division

Dean Dr. Betsy Beaulieu, Professor
Assistant Dean for Assessment Dr. Craig Pepin, Associate Professor
Assistant Dean for Adjunct Support Dr. David Mills, Professor

Division of Communication & Creative Media

Dean Dr. Paula Willoquet-Maricondi, Professor
Associate Dean for Administration Dr. Rosalynne Whitaker-Heck, Associate Professor
Assistant Dean Dr. Eric Ronis, Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Emergent Media Ann DeMarle, Professor
Assistant Dean for Game Development Amanda Crispel, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Game Art & Animation
JoAnn Patel, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Game Design
Greg Bemis, Assistant Professor
Program Director
- Communication
Dr. Nancy Kerr, Professor

Program Director
- Filmmaking

-Broadcast Media Production

Dr. Van Dora Williams, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Graphic Design & Digital Media and Art
Suzanne Glover, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Professional Writing
Warren Baker, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Creative Media
Al Larsen, Associate Professor
Area Coordinator of Foreign Languages April Howard

Graduate Program Director
- Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

-MS in Emergent Media

Robin Perlah, Assistant Professor

EMC Lead

Faculty Advisor

Ken Howell, Assistant Professor
Director, Emergent Media Center (EMC) Ann DeMarle, Professor

Division of Education & Human Studies

Dean Dr. Laurel Bongiorno, Professor
Assistant Dean for Adjunct Support Tony Perriello, J.D., Associate Professor
Program Director
- Criminal Justice
Phil Cykon, J.D., Assistant Professor
Program Director
- Early Childhood/Elementary Education
- Middle School Education
- Secondary Education
Dr. Kathy Leo-Nyquist, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Environmental Studies & Policy
Dr. Valerie Esposito, Assistant Professor
Program Director
- Law
Eric Friedman, J.D., Assistant Professor
Program Director
- Psychology
Dr. Bjarne Holmes, Professor
Program Director
- Social Work
Dr. M. Patti Aldredge, Associate Professor
Field Coordinator
- Social Work
Tarn Foerg, Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Director
- Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Robin Ploof, Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
- MS in Law
Tony Perriello, J.D., Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
- MS in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies
Julian Portilla, Associate Professor

Division of Information Technology & Sciences

Dean Dr. Scott Stevens, Professor
Assistant Dean Dr. Wei Kian Chen, Professor

Program Director

-Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

Devin Paden, Assistant Professor

Program Director

-Computer & Digital Forensics

Yogesh Khatri, Assistant Professor

Program Director

-Computer Science & Innovation

-Computer Information Technology

Dr. Brian Hall, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Radiography
Susyn Dees, Associate Professor
Program Director
- Game Programming
Dean Lawson, Assistant Professor
Program  Director
- Data Analytics
Dr. Narine Hall, Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Math Dr. Melanie Brown, Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Science Dr. Kathy Seiler, Assistant Professor
Director, Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) Jonathan Rajewski, Associate Professor

Robert P. Stiller School of Business

Dean Dr. Scott Baker, Professor

Department Chairperson




Dr. Cathy Duffy, Associate Professor

Department Chairperson

-Business Administration

-International Business

-Management & Innovation

Tom Myers, Associate Professor

-Game Production Management

Benjamin Wiley, Instructor

Division of Continuing Professional Studies

Online Undergraduate, Graduate & Certificates
Dean Dr. Mika Nash, Associate Professor

Assistant Dean of Information Technology
- Computer & Information Systems
- Software Development
- Web Design & Development

Dr. Mika Nash, Associate Professor (program contact)

Department Chair

- Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations
- Cybersecurity
- Economic Crime Investigation
- MS in Business Analytics
- MS in Digital Forensic Science
- MS in Information Security Operations

Kathleen Hyde, Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean of Accounting & Business
- Accounting
- Management Information Systems
- Integrated Studies

- MS in Accounting
Dr. Linda Miller, Associate Professor
- Health Care Administration

- MS in Health Care Administration
Michael Zemany, Assistant Professor

Program Director, Business Management


-MS in Human Relations & Organizational Development

-MS in Executive Leadership

Dr. Kierstyn Hunter, Assistant Professor
Program Director, Business Administration UG Dr. Albert Orbinati, Assistant Professor