Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award

2017: David Rous

The 2017 Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award recipient is David Rous, who teaches in the Core Division.

David's focus on students is evident from one student who wrote:

"Such a great teacher; he engages with me and the other students throughout the entire class, forcing us to think and apply our real life experience, as well as our course material to the in depth discussions we have. I enjoy this class very much, it is challenging but I really like being challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone, after all that is how you learn."

And from another:

"He's exactly the kind of teacher I was hoping I would have in college: the classic almost 90's-esque teacher you would see in the movies engaging with his class and actually excited about what he has to say. His enthusiasm made me want to come to class, and his thoughts made me want to engage in the material. He is highly intelligent, and this seeps into every conversation we have as a class. And even though he has answers, he encourages us to think of our own constantly. I've never had a teacher like him, but I know I will always remember his teaching style as one of my favorites, and him as one of my favorite teachers."

David's colleagues shared some of the following observations: 

David is a thoughtful teacher who is absolutely dedicated to his students.

He shares his formidable intellect generously, in the spirit of collegiality, and we value his contributions very much.

Our collaborations have been successful, in large part, because of his willingness to make himself available to share teaching strategies, develop joint assignments, and confer about students' progress.

I appreciate how he treats his students — kindly and seriously, with academic rigor foregrounding his instruction.

His low-key manner belies an intensity that students respond well to. He inspires them to do their best work while engaging them in multiple ways.

His insights and suggestions are always rich and thoughtful.

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