Teaching at Champlain

Teaching Culture

Champlain College is a teaching college that highly values the development of a reflective teaching practice that results in engaged, student-centered, active and rigorous learning.


Instructors at Champlain College are dedicated to the art and science of teaching. They actively share their teaching methods and philosophies with each other. Instructors from different disciplines meet in formal and informal faculty learning communities, share new ideas via email or other technology, guest present in one another's classes, find ways to connect projects within their courses, and grab every opportunity they can to talk about teaching - how to reach their students, how to make learning more rigorous and more engaging. Instructors at Champlain love to teach and their students notice.

Administration's View

The administration of Champlain College from the Provost to deans, assistant deans, chairs, and program directors all support the development of a reflective teaching practice. This means that administrators view all forms of support for an instructor's teaching practice positively. Some faculty come to Champlain College from environments where seeking to improve their teaching practice sent the message that they weren't good instructors. At Champlain College, seeking to improve your teaching is a sign of being dedicated to being the best instructor that you can be. Working on your teaching practice makes our Administrators smile.