Academic Innovation Award

A huge congratulations to the 2023 winners!!!

Re/Imagining Science Teams:

  • General Education Science at Champlain:  Chuck Bashaw, Kristin Wolfe, Scott Stevens, David Kite, Jen Vincent, Allison Dean.
  • Inclusive STEM/STEAM Pedagogy: Kel Bachuls, Dana Steinhoff, Jessie Hough, Wei Kian Chen, Rebecca Mills.
  • New STEM/STEAM Program Opportunities: Robin Collins, Barbara Colombo, Brian Hall, Val Esposito, David Kopec, Aziz Fatnasi, Mike Lange, Joe Manley
  • Flexible Curricular Models to help "Champlainize" this work: Ellen Zeman, Robin Perlah, Amanda Crispel, JoAnn Patel, Cyndi Brandenburg, Josh Blumberg, Martha Moreno Linares.
  • Curriculum Development: Robin Collins, Ellen Zeman, Chuck Bashaw, Barbara Columbo, Val Espositio, Brian Hall, Mike Lange, Martha Moreno Linares, Bob Mayer, Katheryn Wright. Josh Blumberg, Cyndi Brandenburg
  • Employer and Industry Outreach: Brian Hall, Wei Kian Chen, John Stroup, Kristin Wolfe, Robin Collins, Robin Perlah, Tanja Hinterstoisser, Cyndi Brandenburg, Ellen Zeman, Marcelle Langan

Established in 2022 the Academic Innovation Award will allow us to spotlight individuals and teams whose collaboration, inventiveness, and hard work exemplify academic innovation at Champlain.

This award is selected by the President's Cabinet each year and presented at the annual employee recognition event.

2022  DPS (Doctorate of Professional Studies) Academic Group: Nicole Morris, Lindsey Godwin, Rhonda McClellan, Linda Miller, Elaine Young, Ellen Zeman.