Elizabeth A. Durick Staff Service Award

Congratulations to Bridget Calacci-Champlain College Online for being the 2023 recipient of this award!

The Elizabeth A. Durick Staff Service Award is intended to recognize a staff member who has had a positive impact on the College community. This honor, to be awarded every year, is named in honor of the late Elizabeth Durick, who was an exemplary staff member. Recipients of the Durick Award will demonstrate many of the characteristics that allowed Elizabeth Durick to have such a positive and lasting influence on the College. The honoree will consistently exhibit professionalism, dedication and flexibility in the accomplishment of their normal responsibilities. He/she will also display a high level of initiative and a helpful attitude toward all staff, faculty and students. This award may offer the opportunity to recognize some of Champlain's "unsung heroes."

The recipient will receive a monetary award of $5,000.

Presented at the annual employee recognition event.

Previous Award Recipients

2022 Megan Everts
2021 Annika Hawkins Hilke
2020 Daphne Walker
2019 Julie Eldred
2018 Aram Sevakian
2017 Freddy Angel
2016 Leslie Carew
2015 Ellen Zeman
2014 Carl Riden
2013 Robert Bolin
2012 Kyle Dodson
2011 Colleen Long
2010 Roland Palmer
2009 Thomas Bonnette
2008 Elaine Strunk
2007 Tammy Miller
2006 Diana Eide
2005 Katie Hawley
2004 Jo Corrow
2003 Mike Charron
2002 Pat Boera