Staff Council

Staff Council Group Photo Sept. 2020 Pt 1   Staff Council Group Photo Sept. 2020 Pt. 2

The purpose of the Champlain College Staff Council is to advocate for the best interests of staff members; cultivate a thriving College community; foster diversity, equity, and inclusion; and support the strategic mission and vision of the College.

Areas of Focus

  • Recognition of Staff
  • Professional Development
  • Building Community
  • Strengthen Relationship with President's Cabinet
  • Equity for Staff
  • Communication to staff/from staff
  • Meeting Structure

Results from the recent Staff Council Working Well and Areas of Focus Survey can be found here.

Top Ten Reasons To Get Involved In Staff Council


You can really make a difference for all staff


You get to work with fellow staff members from all areas of the college


Because it really is FUN!


It looks great on your LinkedIn profile


You get to list your service on your annual Performance Evaluation (impressive!)


You get your name listed on the Staff Council web page


You are an advocate for the best interest of all staff members (no costume changes required)


You will learn new skills or improve the ones you have


You get to meet new people


Gets you out of your office on a regular basis