Each year, Staff Council calls for nominations for our Staff Council Award, and presents the award to one well-deserving Champlain staff member. Nominate a Champlain College staff member who is actively engaged in making Champlain College a great place to work.

The nominee should be someone who embodies one or more of the following characteristics:

  • is on a path of continuous learning through professional development
  • makes an effort to network and collaborate with other employees
  • proposes new ideas and moves the ideas toward implementation
  • works to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees

The award winner will be decided by the Staff Council President, Vice President, and/or subcommittee of the Executive Board and will be announced in May. All nominees will receive their nomination information once the winner is determined. Nominations may be sent at any time.

Submit a Nomination

You can see our past winners below. (In 2016, we combined our Service/Innovation Awards into one Staff Council Award.)

2024 Staff Council Award Winner

Hannah Marten receives Staff Council Award

Hannah Marton,
Health & Medical Office Coordinator

  • Nominations may be sent at any time by completing this brief form.

    2024 Staff Council Award Winner

    Hannah Marton

    Former Awards & Winners

    2023      Timothy Van Woert
    2022      Kellie Nadeau
    2021      Greg Davis
    2020      Lilly Johnsson
    2019      Howie LeBlanco
    2018      Joe Williams
    2017      Katie LeClair
    2016      Shaylea Scribner

  • The Staff Council Service Award winner helps to make the organization stronger/better. These winners embody the type of team member we all aspire to be.

    2015      Linda Goodrum
    2014      Abby Mendenhall
    2013      The Wellbeing Committee (Debra Dayman, Catherine Bergeron-Radoux, Karen Dusini, Julie Eldred, Linda Goodrum)
    2012      Christina Erickson
    2011      Mary Sanborn
    2010      Jen Perlee
    2009      Erin Meenan
    2008      Roland Palmer

  • Be part of the solution. These are staff members who had a great new idea and it was implemented.

    2015      Nic Anderson
    2014      Tim Austin
    2013      Mark Zammuto
    2012      Jen Sweeney
    2011      Claire Williams Giroux
    2010      Ellen Zeman
    2009      Darlene McGrath
    2008      Bob Bolin

You Bowl Me Over

The You Bowl Me Over Award is a peer-to-peer, pay-it-forward award that passes from colleague to colleague at monthly staff council meetings in recognition of one another’s work and contributions.

Recipients of the You Bowl Me Over Award embody one or more of the values in the Champlain 2030 Strategic Plan:

  • Innovation: We anticipate the future so that our students can thrive in dynamic conditions and pursue purposeful careers.
  • Engaged Learning: We are committed to learning as a path to achieve meaningful work and personal fulfillment.
  • Human Touch: We are a welcoming community who values inclusive teamwork, diverse individual strengths, having fun at work, and wellness.
  • Practicality: We provide deeply experiential, professional education.
  • Interconnectedness: We connect with people and places, from the local to the global, expanding bonds outwards for our students from alumni to employers.
  • Integrity: We honor strong ethics with the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and pride in our work and towards each other.
    • June-August 2024: Summer Break
    • May 2024: Joel Lenoir
    • April 2024: Online Financial Aid – Marianne Werner, Katie Mumbauer, Laura Ennis
    • March 2024: Kaelyn Murray
    • February 2024: Linda Reid
    • January 2024: Winter break
    • December 2023: Winter break
    • November 2023: Jen Perlee
    • October 2023: Kimberly Rojas Cepeda
    • September 2023: Kyla Paul
    • July-August 2023: Summer Break
    • May 2023: Stella Santos
    • April 2023: Eliana Fox
    • March 2023: Kim Moran
    • February 2023: Molly Pepper
    • January 2022: Winter Break
    • December 2022: Nate Orvis
    • November 2022: Rachel Lavallee
    • October 2022: JJ Anderson
    • September 2022: Tony Calacci
    • July-August 2022: Summer Break
    • May-June 2022: John Earp
    • April 2022: Jason Cone
    • March 2022: Sarah Camille Wilson
    • February 2022: Linda Goodrum
    • January 2022: Winter break
    • December 2021: Winter Break
    • November 2021: Freddy Angel
    • October 2021: The SMART Space Team
    • September 2021:Erin Ferrara
    • June-August 2021: Summer Break
    • May 2021: Kate Ford
    • April 2021: Danielle L’Esperance
    • March 2021: Darrin Pillsbury
    • February 2021: Jean Marie Severance
    • January 2021: Winter break
    • December 2020: Grace Curley
    • November 2020: Tim White
    • October 2020: Chiko Jeso
    • September 2020: Theresa Petrow
    • June 2020: Jackie Greer
    • May 2020: Molly Pepper
    • April 2020: Susannah Ericksson
    • March 2020: Christina Brooker

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