Officers and Committees

2018-2019 Staff Council Officers and Executive Board Members

Shaylea Scribner

President (two year term - ending 2020)

Shaylea Scribner, Administrative and Events Coordinator, President's Office

Jared Cadrette

Vice President (appointed to complete the final year of a two year term - ending 2019)

Jared Cadrette, Associate Director, Student Engagement

Patrick DiMambro

Treasurer (two year term - ending 2020)

Patrick DiMambro, Budget Analyst, Finance

Cullen Bostock

Secretary (two year term - ending 2019)

Cullen Bostock, Sr. Reporting Analyst, Champlain College Online

Tara Arneson

Board Member (one year term - ending 2019)

Tara Arneson, Registrar, Registrar's Office

Mikael Blanco

Board Member (one year term - ending 2019)

Mikael Blanco - Student Accounts Representative, Student Accounts

Aram Sevakian

Board Member (one year term - ending 2019)

Aram Sevakian - Maintenance & Move Coordinator, Physical Plant

Staff Council Group Photo May 2018

2017-2018 Standing Committees and Chairs

Staff Welfare & Advocacy:

  • Jean-Marie Severance (Chair), Education and Human Services Division
  • Mikael Blanco (Executive Board Liaison), Student Accounts
  • Jennifer Adrian, Emergent Media Center
  • Ariana Andrewes, Enrollment Operations
  • Madison Braz, Student Life
  • Justin Cawley, Finance
  • Grace Curley, Enrollment Operations
  • Christina Erickson, Center for Service and Sustainability
  • James Garner, Champlain College Online Advising
  • Linda Goodrum, Core Division
  • Will McCrary, Champlain College Online eLearning
  • Kellie Nadeau, Provost and Academic Affairs Office
  • Daniel Selicaro, Information Systems
  • Kathy Williams, Champlain College Online Advising

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Networking & Recreation:

  • Kelsey O'Connor (Chair), Student Life
  • Aram Sevakian (Executive Board Liaison), Physical Plant
  • Jared Cadrette, Student Life
  • Jimena Huaco, Student Life
  • Brian Andrews, Marketing
  • Maggie Melvin, Womens and Gender Center
  • Patrick DiMambro, Finance
  • Leah Miller, Enrollment Management

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Communications & Engagement: 

  • Nic Anderson (Chair), Transportation
  • Tara Arneson (Executive Board Liaison), Registrars Office
  • Roland Palmer, Office of Advancement
  • Sandy Yusen, Strategic Communications and External Affairs
  • Jennifer Adrian, Emergent Media Center
  • Elin Melchior, Office of International Education
  • Mimi Trippany, Student Accounts

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Staff Council Representatives for College Council (appointed annually by the Staff Council Executive Committee)

  • Shaylea Scribner, Presidents Office
  • Christina Erickson, Center for Service and Sustainability
  • John Lanzetta, Financial Aid
  • Pat Boera, Career Collaborative
  • Will McCrary, Champlain College Online eLearning
  • Melissa Carlson, Student Life
  • Lauren Bruneau, Academic Support and Coaching Services

Interested in joining one of the Staff Council Committees? Feel free to contact the chairs of the committees or one of your Staff Council Officers. For the full description of the Staff Council standing committees, please see the Staff Council By-Laws.