Our tutoring centers with subject-area experts can help you become a confident, successful, independent learner.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra help with homework or an entirely new strategy for managing your assignments, support from the tutoring centers is available to help you achieve your academic goals. Our peer tutors, all upper-level students recommended by faculty, are trained by SMART Space staff.

Tutoring is free and open to all students – no appointments required. Please consult each center for specific drop-in hours, locations, and more.

There’s no downside to getting help at the SMART Space peer tutoring centers. If it might help (and it will) then it’s worth it to try at least one session.
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Our Tutoring Centers

  • Three students collaborate over a spreadsheet on a laptop
    Accounting & Finance

    The Accounting & Finance Tutoring Center provides free assistance to students studying to enter tax, investment, financial industries and more. Our peer tutors are ready to help students hone in on complex financial modeling, auditing procedures, wealth management, investment strategies, and more as they navigate their business programs.

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  • student assisting another student on the computer

    The Cybersecurity Tutoring Center provides free help to students as they train to prevent, detect, and mitigate cybercrime of all kinds. Our peer tutors are ready to help you find your footing in everything from systems fundamentals to understanding enterprise and network security controls, and more.

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  • Male student typing on a computer while another watches over his shoulder
    Digital Forensics

    The Digital Forensics Tutoring Center provides free support to students throughout their program, spanning the basics of digital preservation to the intricacies of white-collar crimes and advanced malware attacks. Our peer tutors are ready to help you crack the code to success.

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  • student creates a 3D model on a computer
    Game Majors

    The Game Tutoring Center provides free support for students taking courses in select Game Studio programs: Game Art, Game Design, and Game Production. Whether you need a refresher on software or you need help putting the pieces together for your own game, our peer tutors are ready to help at any stage of your project.

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  • students collaborating on an applied math assignment

    The Math Tutoring Center provides students free assistance with whatever mathematical challenge they face. Need to analyze a dataset? Calculate the metric weight of honey produced by the Champlain apiary? The Math Center’s peer tutors are there to help you out at all levels.

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  • students talk about computer programming in the tutoring center

    The Programming Tutoring Center provides free peer-based programming support to students learning new programming languages, practices, and tools regardless of their major or project type. From game engine help to software development tips, peer tutors are ready to help you apply new programming knowledge into your work.

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  • two professional writing students gather with a professor around a laptop for a project
    Writing Center

    The Champlain Writing Center offers free one-to-one consultations on academic, personal, and professional writing projects to any member of the Champlain community. Their services can help you in any stage of the writing process from understanding an assignment, to brainstorming ideas, to developing a thesis, to editing the final document, and correctly citing your sources.

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I found Peer Tutoring extremely helpful and would recommend it to my friends. It is always good to learn from upper class students, and most of the tutors are either seniors or students who have already taken that class so they know exactly where you are struggling and how to tackle that issue.
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Academic Support Services

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Hours vary. See the tutoring centers for availability of tutors in different subjects.