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Healthy bodies make for healthy minds.

Welcome to Vermont, where you’ll have a variety of both on- and off-campus activities to choose from.

On-campus fitness activities, clubs, fitness centers, and sports offer a fun way to connect with friends and stay active.

Our location in Burlington’s hillside offers easy access to swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding on Lake Champlain, Green Mountain hiking and snow sports, local biking and walking paths, and more. If you’re excited by winter sports, take advantage of special opportunities like student rates for ski/ride passes.

From rock climbing to dance, Champlain makes it easy for you to find your place in a community where something is always happening!

IDX Fitness Center

  • student weight trains in the fitness center

    Our equipment includes a full CYBEX strength circuit, free weight section, squat rack, roman chair, lat pull-down, kettle-bells, exercise balls, bands, CYBEX multi-use cable system, exercise balls, bands, treadmills, Arc Trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, stair-stepper, and rowing machine. New to a machine? Ask for a demonstration!

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    Group Fitness Classes

    We have a variety of classes to fit student fitness needs and goals. Classes offered vary by semester. Previous classes have included Yoga, Weight Training, Pound Fitness, Pump Up the Volume, and Pilates.

  • A handful of students rest on the bleachers inside the Argosy gymnasium at Champlain College.
    Argosy Gymnasium

    The Argosy Gymnasium is the starting point for Champlain’s extensive Intramural and Recreational Sports programs. While sports are offered seasonally, you can expect our most popular league sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer to be a staple in the schedule each semester.

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student hiking a path up to the top of mount philo

Off Campus

Vermont is a great place to get outside and explore new places, gain skills, meet new people and have fun. From the waterfront to the mountain tops, there’s no shortage of off-campus activities to enjoy.

Ski & Ride
City of Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
Hello, Burlington Outdoor Recreation
Hello, Burlington Rock Climbing

A bike race rounds a corner of downtown Burlington

Other Activities

  • rugby players in a scrum
    Sports, Recreation Clubs & Intramurals

    If you enjoy team sports, we offer a range of intramural and club sports like golf, volleyball, equestrian, hiking, climbing, and snowboarding. Whatever your athletic interests are, and how competitive you want to be, you’ll find a group of people to have fun with while staying fit.

  • Champlain College Dance Team
    Dance Team

    Join our student-run Dance Team and bring your love of dance to a new stage, meet new people, and have fun.The team has an annual showcase where participants share large and small group dances choreographed by students.

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    Other Healthy Lifestyle Activities

    There’s even more ways to get active on campus. There’s even more ways to get active on campus. We offer special recreational events during the semester like Bubble Soccer, Pickleball, and Flag Football.

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    Contact the Fitness Center

    Fitness Center Phone: 802-865-6436

    IDX Student Life Center

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 11:00 PM
    Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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