Champlain College’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) program connects entrepreneurs like you with the resources, research, and contacts that can enhance or bring your business dream to life.

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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FAQs About The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Feel free to contact us directly with any other questions.

  • No. We realize entrepreneurs come with all different kinds of passions and interests, so the program is open to all majors. Whether your major is Business Administration, Marketing, Creative Media, Criminal Justice, Professional Writing, or something else entirely, you are welcome to apply to the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.

  • Not at all! You might have an established business, a great concept, or even just an idea that you’re passionate about. Our goal is to help you realize your personal goals even if you haven’t taken that first step yet. All you need to be able to do is articulate your idea and convey your vision.

  • While you don’t earn credits specifically for your participation in the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship program, you will have ample opportunities to earn credits as you pursue your business. Each participating major is handled differently, but by using your business for project coursework and/or internships, you can effectively accrue credits for establishing, running, and growing your business.

  • Yes—the first step to joining this unique program is to apply and be accepted to the academic program for your selected course of study.

  • The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship exists to help Champlain students explore entrepreneurship in a hands-on way. We will work with any student with an interest in entrepreneurship. Many students come to the CIE with a business that has already been operating at some level but, more often, students come with nothing more than an idea, an insight about something that interests them that could potentially become a “big” business—or maybe just a fun business that could make some money.

    We will help you find answers to three important questions:

    1. Is it a good business idea?
    2. Is it a good business idea for you?
    3. Is it a good business idea for you, right now?

    If you find affirmative answers to these questions, you may want to move forward at a pace of your choosing to develop the business idea into a full-fledged business. Even if you decide not to pursue that particular idea, you will have gained important skills and insights that will serve you well when the next “big idea” comes along—and it will. We have had students who, over several years, evaluated a number of different ideas before moving forward with the right one.

  • We’ll help you plan for your company’s financial needs and do the early “bootstrapping.” When you’re ready, we’ll help you get in touch with potential investors. We’ll help you understand what they need for consideration and how the process works. When you’re ready, they may decide to take the leap and invest in your company.