Our Offerings

While retaining a foundation in digital forensic consulting services, the Leahy Center has grown to provide additional offerings, including end-user support of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity vulnerability-assessments, and IT policy review. With the supervisory help of Champlain College faculty, the Leahy Center has become a trusted consultant throughout the State of Vermont.

Our Managed Support Services (MSS) Team fosters community relationships with small businesses, municipalities, civil casework, and similar entities throughout the State of Vermont. Through our cyber preparedness, we ensure our clients have a strategy to prevent, respond to, and recover from any cyber incident. Our MSS Team delivers cost-effective services, such as network monitoring, training, IT Support, via monthly or regular support to customers.

This initiative supports our mission by providing students the opportunity to be exposed to real-world interactions with clients. This experience allows students to practice and perfect hands-on learning as well as build a strong resume which substantially aids students’ career searches.

Types of Managed Support Services Offered by The Leahy Center

  • We will evaluate your computer systems and how those systems interconnect to determine the best way to protect your data. The service provided is goal-specific, solves a client’s problem, assists with implementation of recommended solutions, and involves a one-time fee.

  • This service provides an assessment of an organization’s security policies and procedures. It includes documenting compliance against standards like NIST-800-171, industry best-practices, making recommendations for security improvements and providing an executive summary and risk profile.

  • Effective cybersecurity awareness training helps employees understand cyber hygiene, the security risks associated with their actions and to identify cyberattacks they may encounter. This service will develop and deliver client specific cybersecurity training. It is designed to help employees understand the role they play in helping to combat cybersecurity breaches.

  • Has an employee mistakenly deleted a file? Did they delete work emails or files before leaving for a new job with a competitor? In cases like these, it’s important to entrust your valuable data to professionals who perform these tasks as a career, not a hobby. The Leahy Center works on computers, phones, portable drives, and any data devices to recover what was once lost.

  • The Leahy Center provides clients with assistance on various components of their investigations, including digital forensic analysis, process analysis, data recovery, acquisition, testimony and reports.

  • We will work with clients to develop a realistic Incidence Response (IR) plan for your organization. The process will an organization detect, contain, clean up and prevent attacks on their networks. This proactive service mitigates the chaos associated with cyberattacks like ransomware and malware. With a solid plan and script, stakeholders will know how to react.

  • The Center combines the talents of expert staff, faculty, and students to provide personalized IT asset management and customized training to our clients in order to increase productivity when using their own IT resources. Beyond excellent management of day-to-day IT operations, our clients have come to expect both exceptional emergency-response and sound advice on IT policy. We offer 24-hour monitoring with 8am-5pm responses.

  • Sometimes organizations do not have the resources required to be able to monitor endpoint activity for signs of malicious activity — let the Leahy Center keep an eye on your computers to increase your security posture. With the threat of cyberattacks increasing, so too has the need for organizations to understand the events that occur on their networks. Using our Endpoint Monitoring & Detection services, clients get continuous analysis of network threats to gain a level of visibility that prevents future attacks and simplifies investigations of suspicious activity. We offer 24-hour monitoring with 8am-5pm responses.

  • Our research and development projects are a critical component of the Leahy Center’s mission, and strive to discover improvements in the world of cyber and forensic investigations. From the analysis of techniques and procedures to the breakdown of forensic artifacts through new technologies, the Leahy Center has been developing innovative solutions for its customers since its inception. Efforts in this space are primarily conducted by enrolled students, who benefit from applying the skills they learn in the classroom to real-life applications, supervised by Center staff and Champlain College faculty.

  • The Vulnerability Assessment provides a systematic review to identify security weaknesses in the Client’s information systems. The process evaluates if the systems are susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns Client-specific severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and prioritizes remediation and/or mitigation measures to address the vulnerabilities.