Opportunities at the Leahy Center

The Leahy Center offers a variety of paid opportunities and internships to ANY major at Champlain College. Through innovative research projects, we offer students a place to actively learn in a professional environment.

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Students who want to take their education and career to the next level should apply to work or intern at The Leahy Center. Some experience is recommended, but not required.

  • You will apply, enhance, and expand what you’re learning in your major, and work in cross-disciplinary teams, just like you will in industry.
  • You will think critically, understand processes, and reflect on your practice, both individually and in community.
  • You will build workplace-readiness skills (“hard” technical skills and “soft” interpersonal skills) while bolstering your resumé and portfolio.

The Leahy Center would love to be a step in helping you meet your future goals.

Workforce Openings FAQs

  • Short answer, yes you are!

    The Leahy Center hires students with a broad range of skills, from first semester through the summer after graduating. From any major. While positions cannot be guaranteed to students without foundational skills in their discipline of interest, the Leahy Center thrives when younger students can be mentored by experienced employees. This ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge from one project to another. Sometimes students without much experience, but with enthusiasm to learn, find a good fit as a Technical Intern at the Leahy Center.

    You must be a Champlain College student to apply

  • See a list of the Leahy Center research projects that will be conducted this semester. During your interview to work at the Leahy Center, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss which top three projects you’re interested in joining. The projects are designed with specific majors in mind, but are open to any student who wants to learn.

  • Technical Internships are work experiences offered by the Leahy Center for students to gain exposure in their specialized fields of study. Students obtain practical experience in a real-world, hands-on setting while applying knowledge learned from coursework. With on-site supervision, students will work 80-120 hours per semester in a technology-related role within the Leahy Center.

    • These are non-paid credit-bearing positions.
    • The Technical internship is not a requirement for working at the Leahy Center, but is highly recommended.
    • All projects at the Leahy Center have internship components/opportunities to them .
    • Final placement on a research project is at the discretion of the Leahy Center Director.
    • Technical Interns will meet, as a group, on Wednesdays 9am-10am, in Lakeside 101.
    • Enrollment in a Champlain College internship course is REQUIRED. ITS-192 or ITS-292, for ITS Division.
    • When applying to a technical internship, you are applying for one of the following positions:
      • Technical Intern – Research Assistant
      • Technical Intern – Programmer
      • Technical Intern – IT Intern
      • Technical Intern – Security Intern
      • Technical Intern – Marketing

    Intern at the Leahy Center, Space is Limited!

  • Students who have previously worked or interned at the Leahy Center found themselves ahead of the curve in their pursuit of high-profile jobs and internships with top-notch employers. Your experience working or interning at the Leahy Center can improve:

    1. Confidence in your pursuits, academically and professionally.
    2. Competence in your technical abilities and project management.
    3. Comfort in a supportive workplace, designed to hone your talent and interests.
  • Your first step is to enroll in a Champlain College internship course. ITS-192 or ITS-292, for ITS Division. After that, you will need to apply online and select any one of the “Technical Intern” positions available.

    When applying to a technical internship you are applying for one of the positions below: Technical Intern – Research Assistant Technical Intern – Programmer Technical Intern – IT Intern Technical Intern – Security Intern Technical Intern – Marketing

    Intern at the Leahy Center, Space is Limited!

  • Once you’ve applied, you’ll be added to the communications list, and receive an invitation to an orientation of work at the Leahy Center. During “Town Hall” orientation, we’ll review aspects of the syllabus, Technical Intern experience and position description, and answer your questions.

    Intern at the Leahy Center, Space is Limited!

  • Workforce members that are paid typically work 6-8 hours per week. Supervisors work 10-12 hours per week. For-credit Interns are expected to complete 80-120 hours over the entire semester, and this typically averages out to 8-12 hours per week

  • Projects will be assigned based on group size, interests and scheduling.

    Current list of projects

  • The Leahy Center is housed on the third floor of the Miller Center at the Lakeside Campus, 175 Lakeside Ave Burlington, VT 05401. Shuttle buses run continuously from the main campus to Lakeside during regular business hours.

  • We often have many more applicants than we do job-openings. Our projects and needs change every semester. We hire for fall, spring, and summer semesters. When students are not offered a position, it doesn’t mean that they are unwelcome at the Leahy Center! You can always reapply for future positions or come in and discuss other ways to be involved.

  • With questions specific to employment at the Leahy Center, please contact: leahycenter@champlain.eduor 802-865-5744.