Academic Accommodations

New Students

Students with disabilities who have recently been admitted to Champlain College should complete the following steps to request academic accommodations: 

  1. Complete the Academic Accommodations Request Form online. Students admitted for August must submit this form by June 15. Students admitted for January must submit this form by December 15. You may submit this form past the deadline if needed.

  2. Submit current, comprehensive, objective, professional documentation of your disability to the Office of Accessibility. The information in an IEP, 504 Plan, or Transition Plan may be appropriate documentation. Students should also include a neuropsychological evaluation report as supportive documentation (if available). If you wish to share documentation from a medical provider, please review the following for more information: Academic Accommodations Request: Documentation. The documentation should be sent to Champlain College's Office of Accessibility. Questions about documentation? Contact the Office of Accessibility directly.

  3. Students must meet with the Office of Accessibility. A staff member will contact the student before the start of the semester to schedule an appointment to discuss the academic accommodations process, learning needs and supporting documentation, and appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations. Students must meet with the Office of Accessibility each semester.

  4. Students should review "Differences Between High School and College for Students with Disabilities" to understand their role in self-advocating as a college student.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to arrange for certain provisions which are outside the scope of the Office of Accessibility and the College. These provisions include, but may not be limited to: attendant care, mobility training, items/services of a personal nature and sources of financial aid. The Office of Accessibility is available to consult with a student regarding needs and possible local resources.

Returning Students

Returning students with disabilities must meet with the Office of Accessibility each semester to discuss academic accommodations for their classes. To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of Accessibility within the first two weeks of each semester. If you are a returning student who has not previously requested academic accommodations, follow the steps above.