Testing Accommodations

Information for Students 

The following information is for students who have an academic accommodation of extended time for tests and quizzes. To request academic accommodations, visit Academic Accommodations. Students must speak with their instructor(s) about their accommodation of extended time for tests and quizzes at least one week before the test date and determine if they will take the test in the classroom, or if they will take it in the quiet testing space, located in Skiff Hall. Students may also choose not to use their testing accommodation for a particular test or quiz. To schedule a testing time with the Office of Accessibility at Skiff Hall, please review the information provided below:

  • Scheduling a Testing Time. The student is responsible for requesting a testing space no later than one week in advance of the test. The student must also inform the course instructor that they will be taking the test outside of the classroom. Please email testingaccommodations@champlain.edu to arrange for the use of the space. 

In your email, please also copy your instructor and include the following information:

1. Test date and time

2. Class (e.g. COR 102)

3. Professor Name, and 

4. How long the class has to take the exam (e.g. 75 minutes).

  • Testing Center Availability. Tests are administered Monday through Friday beginning at 8:00 a.m., with the last test given at 2:00 p.m. (the office closes at 4:30 p.m.). The Testing Center is located at Skiff Hall (163 South Willard Street). Students should check in for their test at the Counseling Center, Room 100, Skiff Hall. Tests may be scheduled during the class time (assuming class begins by 2:30), or they may be taken at another point during the day, if agreed upon by the instructor. Final exam scheduling may require alternative testing times in order to accommodate exams that are scheduled for 3 or more hours.

  • Test Preparation. The student must bring all necessary supplies (pen, pencil, paper, calculator, etc.) as required to complete the test. If allowed, a simple calculator and a computer with word processing capability only, are available. The student will be asked to leave their backpack/personal belongings, including cell phone, upon check-in and can retrieve it at check-out.

  • Academic Honesty. Students are prohibited from communicating with other students who are also taking a test in the quiet testing space.

Information for Instructors

(Please also read "Information for Students")

It is the student's responsibility to inform their instructor(s) that they will be using their accommodation of extended time on a test/quiz. Students may choose not to use their testing accommodation for a particular test or quiz.  Extended time tests or quizzes may be administered in the classroom if a student does not require a quiet testing space, and if the instructor is willing/able to arrive early or stay late to administer the test. Otherwise the student will take the test in the quiet testing space in Skiff Hall. 

Upon receiving a student request to take a test/quiz with the Office of Accessibility, instructors will be asked to complete the Testing Accommodations Instructor Form. The form should be completed no later than 4pm the day before the scheduled test/quiz.