Board of Trustees

Sunset over Lake Champlain

College is guided by a group of esteemed individuals:

  • Mr. Dan Boardman, President, Hickok and Boardman Retirement Solutions
  • Mr. Robert D. Botjer, Chairman, Eurowest Inns, Inc.
  • Dr. George C. Burrill, Retired Founder of Associates in Rural Development
  • Mr. Scott D. Carpenter, Vice President, Key Bank
  • Mr. Thomas V. S. Cullins, Architect
  • Mrs. Laura Dagan, President/CEO, Dwight Management
  • Mr. Rick Davis, President, The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children
  • Ms. Marguerite Dibble, CEO, GameTheory
  • Ms. Molly Dillon, President, Merchants Trust Co.
  • Mrs. Mary A. Evslin, Partner, Evslin Consulting
  • Mrs. Joan L. Gignoux, Community Volunteer
  • Mr. Charles Kittredge, Chairman, Crane & Co. Inc.
  • Mr. Donald Laackman, President, Champlain College
  • Mr. Neale Lunderville, CEO, NG Advantage
  • Mr. Dale R. Metz, CEO FoodScience Corporation
  • Mr. Michael M. Metz, President, Michael Metz & Associates, Inc.
  • Ms. Catherine Morgan, Retired Educator
  • Mrs. Emily Morrow, Executive Coach
  • Mr. Mark Neagley, President, Neagley & Chase Construction Company
  • Ms. Judith W. O'Connell, Managing Partner, Champlain Investment Partners, LLC.
  • Dr. Ken Palm, Colchester Dental Group & Aesthetic Center
  • Ms. Mary G. Powell, President & CEO, Green Mountain Power
  • Mrs. Julie Snow, Sr. Leadership Gifts Officer, Babson College
  • Dr. Peter Stern, retired physician
  • Mr. Dave Stiller, Investor Relations Manager, Sunrise Management Services
  • Mr. Michael J. Sullivan, Jr., President, Schlesinger Associates
  • Ms. Jane Swift, CEO, Middlebury Interactive Languages
  • Mr. Rich Tarrant, Jr., Founder, MyWebGrocer
  • Mrs. Sarah G. Tischler, Attorney, Langrock Sperry & Wool
  • Mr. Dave Winslow, Chief Digital Strategist,

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