Multiple Academic Honesty Violations

Academic Conduct Review Board

Students who are involved in multiple violations of the Academic Honesty policy may be referred to an Academic Conduct Review Board. According to policy, first violations will be documented by the faculty member, shared with the student and kept on file in the Provost's Office. Subsequent violations will be documented by the faculty member, shared with the student, placed on file in the Provost's Office and may be forwarded to the Academic Conduct Review Board for additional sanctions. The entire college community bears the responsibility for academic integrity, and its preservation requires the active participation of all faculty and students. In these hearings the reporting faculty may be present and will be made aware of the outcome.

Student Preparation

‚ÄčIn these cases, the hearing officer will share all the relevant materials with the student prior to the hearing, and will prepare the student for the hearing by talking through the process and answering any questions the student may have. A letter will be sent to the student to confirm the time and place of the hearing. Included in the notification letter will be an information sheet on the process. Students will be given every chance to appear before the Board, but they will be made aware that if they do not make an appearance before the Board, a decision will be made as to a sanction without their input. A student appearing before the Board may bring a support person; but all communication occurs between board volunteers and the student. Also present at these hearings may be the reporting faculty member(s) and/or an expert in the subject matter being discussed the nature of the violation is sometimes complex and specific to a particular subject matter. To fully understand the material, the volunteers can benefit from knowledge offered by the instructor or an expert. The instructor or expert does not participate in the discussion regarding sanction.