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Champlain College prioritizes a culture of wellbeing. Having a good understanding of your own wellbeing is crucial as you navigate life as a college student. Champlain's Dare to CARE culture ties together wellbeing resources to support your academic and personal success. From academic support to counseling and health services, to our fitness center and clubs and activities, there are many interactive ways for you to care for yourself and others.

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Dare to CARE

Your personal and academic success tie directly to your wellbeing. Dare to CARE is Champlain College's culture of wellbeing, coordinating educational programs, event promotions, social media, and information sharing.

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Virtual Training: Helping Students in Distress

This 40-minute virtual training is available to all students, staff, and faculty. Enter a virtual environment and engage in role-play conversations with emotionally responsive virtual humans. Learn how to handle situations where students may be in distress and when to seek help.

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Counseling for students

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center's services include individual and group counseling, psychiatric medication management and referrals, crisis services, and wellness programming. All degree-seeking, on-campus undergraduate Champlain students are eligible for counseling services.

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Student Health Center

Champlain's Student Health Center provides full spectrum health care, including primary care, psychiatry, laboratory services, and referrals to off-campus care as needed.

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Academic Support

Champlain offers a wide variety of academic support options to ensure every student has access to resources like homework help and one-on-one assistance. The SMART Space houses academic tutoring centers for writing, programming, math, and more.

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Student Care and Response Team

Care Team Referral

If you have a concern about a student who is displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful in the college environment or that a student's behavior or wellbeing are negatively impacting people around them, reach out to the Care Team.

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Solving food insecurity for students

Food Insecurity & Chauncey's Cupboard

Food insecurity acts as a barrier to academic achievement and graduation for almost a third of students attending four-year institutions. In order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, Champlain's on-campus food pantry, Chauncey's Cupboard, is available to all students, faculty, and staff.

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Interfaith Room & Local Worship

Champlain embraces a community of religious and spiritual diversity. Students will find various interfaith and religious-based student organizations on campus as well as a new Interfaith Room on the Burlington campus.

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New Student Experience

Wellbeing is a pillar of our New Student Experience-a holistic approach to your first year of education at Champlain. The combination of OrientationCore, and InSight—including our Champ 101 program—provides the skills and preparation you need to succeed both personally and professionally while at Champlain and beyond. Transfer students also benefit from our Transfer Connections program.

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JED Campus Initiative

JED Campus Alumni

Champlain College completed a three-year partnership with JED Campus to evaluate and strengthen mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems on campus.

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