Cancel or Change a Class

Cancellation by an Instructor Due to Illness or Emergency

If you are unexpectedly unable to teach your class, please notify your students, using Canvas and notify your Division Operations Manager.

If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to teach one of your classes you should find a substitute for your class. Contact colleagues that teach the same or similar courses, your Program Director or Department Coordinator, or your Division Operations Manager. (You can also send an email to colleagues within your Division; ask your Division Operations Manager how to do this.)

Division Operations Managers

Cancellation by the College (Typically due to snow or other weather)

In the event of a campus closure due to poor weather, a snow or ice storm, the following steps will occur: Campus Public Safety will send a RAVE Campus Alert* to all registered users notifying campus affiliates of a campus delay / closure. Affiliates (all students, faculty and staff) will be notified by 6:30 am the college is delayed / closed and then directed to the website for further information.

The Champlain College campus Web page will post school closing information at http:// The Web site allows a simultaneous broadcast e-mail notice to campus affiliates.

Champlain College will host an outgoing message on the campus phone system alerting a campus delay/closure. Updated information regarding campus re-opening will be forthcoming to the campus Web site, e-mail and telephone systems as practicable. *to register for the RAVE Campus Alert go to the Faculty & Staff Portal.

One Time Classroom Changes Requested by Instructors

If you'd like to move your students for one class meeting to another location such as a lab or a presentation space, contact the Event Center: 651-5957, to request a room change. The more notice you give, the more likely you are to secure the type of room you want. Be prepared to tell them the day, time (from when to when), type of room you'd like, and number of students. The Event Center will know what is available and can help you to select the best room for your needs. If you need a computer lab, keep in mind that wireless laptops are available for student use in most classrooms. You must take Laptop Training in order to reserve and use the laptop carts (complete with printers). Contact Richard Terricciano, 865-6472, to ask about training. Watch your email for training notices as well.

Finals Week Schedule Class Time Changes

A Final Exam Schedule will be posted on the Portal later in the semester. This schedule will let you know when your class meets during Final Exam week. It will not be the same time and perhaps not even the same day as your class normally meets. Your class is REQUIRED to meet during your scheduled Final Exam time.