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194 FAQs

We’ve outlined answers to the most frequently asked questions about 194 Saint Paul Street. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us!

Living in Downtown Burlington

From contract details to utilities, living at 194 Saint Paul Street is a transition from our traditional residence halls. No worries! We’ve put together a list of the questions we hear most frequently.

Applying to 194

  • Full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good standing with the Office of Community Standards are eligible to live at 194 St. Paul. Good disciplinary standing for this property is defined as not having a disciplinary probationary status at the time of submitting an application. Students who receive disciplinary probation while living at this property risk losing their housing. Students that are currently on residential or disciplinary probation are not eligible. First-years, incoming transfer students, and readmitted students are not able to take part in the Housing Selection process, though readmitted and transfer students may be eligible to apply later.

    Available spaces will be filled in order of priority: current residents and their requested suitemates (who must also apply), followed by new applicants based on cumulative credit hours (seniors, juniors, sophomores). Students who graduate in December may still apply to live in 194 St. Paul and will move out upon graduation.

    Students must fill out an application on The Housing Director (THD) that is specifically for 194 St. Paul Street by the deadline.  Applications are reviewed by Housing and Residential Life.

  • Applications are accessible by logging into THD (The Housing Director) with your Champlain College credentials. Click here to view the opening and closing date of the application.

    STEP 1: Submit Application on THD (opens in January)

    • All students interested in living at 194 St. Paul should apply on THD.
    • If you are looking to share an apartment with another student, you must match with them as a roommate. Please see the next FAQ, “Can I live with my friends?” for details.

    STEP 2: Housing Selection

    Same Room Renewal:

      • Once all applications are submitted, we will allow current residents of 194 St Paul to participate in Same Room Renewal. This is a process where students living in 194 St. Paul in the current spring semester are able to sign up for the exact same room for the next academic year. 
      • Students who are participating in Same Room Renewal must complete the 194 St. Paul housing application before the deadline.
      • Students participating in Same Room Renewal must actively log into THD (The Housing Director) and select their same room for the upcoming academic year. This is not a passive step: the system will not automatically assign you to your room. Students will be permitted to pull in matched roommates to vacant spaces in their apartment (as long as the current occupant does not participate in Same Room Renewal).

    General Housing Selection:

        • Applicants who are new to 194. St Paul Street or who did not participate in the same room renewal process must participate in the 194 St. Paul Street general housing selection process. Applicants will receive a specific window of time during which you may log into THD (The Housing Director) and choose your room. Each person in a group has a time, but the person with the earliest time should log in and choose the suite for the group. Be sure to talk to each other in advance and be ready when your window opens, because the best selection will be available early!  

    If you do not select a room at 194 St. Paul during either the Same Room Renewal or General Selection process, we will place you on a waitlist for 194 St. Paul and encourage you to apply for Main Campus Housing.

    Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to consolidate students until the time that a student moves into their room in order to fill suites.

  • Yes! All students interested in living at 194 St. Paul must apply on THD. Please note, however, that each bedroom has its own housing contract that students must enter into individually. Any vacancies will be filled by the College.

    Prior to Housing Selection:

    • Students who wish to live together should each complete a 194 St. Paul Street housing application
    • You will have an opportunity to identify the best housing option for yourself or your group (e.g. suite, double, triple, quad, quad loft) and a back-up plan in the event of unavailability.
    • If you are looking to share an apartment with another student, you must fully match with each other. To do this, each person must first submit an application, then you will find and request each other on THD, under Room Selection / Select Roommates. (Be sure you get fully matched: If person A requests person B, person B must then approve person A’s request. Both will then see you are fully matched. If person B does nothing, you are not a fully matched group and it will show as waiting to be approved.) You may do this with up to four people in your group.

    During Housing Selection: 

    • One designated member of the student group (ideally the person with the earliest time block) should sign on to The Housing Director to sign up for a specific suite on behalf of the group. You will only have visibility of those suites that fit your roommate group. The person choosing the room must place their matched roommates into each bed space.
  • Yes! During housing selection, one student from each roommate group will able to select a specific apartment through THD, during their assigned time block. Time blocks will be assigned based upon completed credits with those with the highest number of completed credits selecting housing first. Apartments will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Housing Contract Details

  • If a resident is not able to fulfill the term of the housing contract due to study abroad, withdrawal, or dismissal from the institution, they may identify a replacement who meets the eligibility requirements for Champlain College housing and 194 Saint Paul Street and request to re-assign space to that individual. This request must be made prior to the deadlines set forth in the housing selection dates

    Housing & Residential Life must approve the request for housing contract obligations to transfer. If the resident is unsuccessful in identifying a replacement or a proposed replacement is not approved, Housing & Residential Life will identify and pull-in another eligible student to fulfill the remainder of the housing contract.

    In the case of an unoccupied bedroom within a suite, the College reserves the right to assign and re-assign any student to a bedroom within any apartment at any point during the term of the Housing Agreement, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or other constructed identities.

  • If you reserve a bedroom and then decide to cancel, you may be subject to cancellation fees. Find more info here.

  • The Office of Housing & Residential Life gets information about approved study abroad students directly from the office that manages study abroad. You can let us know your intent in advance and suggest a replacement person for your bedroom for the semester you are gone if you wish. If you do not, Housing and Residential Life will fill the vacancy. We will be able to officially remove your 194 St Paul placement for that semester only after we have confirmation of your approved study abroad. You will still be responsible for the rest of the Housing Agreement Term (summer, and either fall or spring) and may not transfer it to anyone else.

  • Contract renewal is available to current residents wishing to stay living in their current 194 St. Paul bedroom during the next contract year. As a current resident, if you choose to renew:

    • You will be able to remain in place during the period between the end of current housing agreement term and the beginning of the next housing agreement term, without additional cost. 
      • You will have the option to pull in new suitemates if your current suitemates decide not to renew. 
      • If you do not have preferred suitemates, applicants will have the option to select the vacant rooms within your suite during the housing selection process.

    Only same room renewals will be allowed to stay during this period between the end of the lease and the beginning of the next lease term. If you wish to renew your contract, you will need to complete the application on THD by the appropriate deadline.

    If you are looking to move rooms within 194 St. Paul, you have two options: A student who is participating in Same Room Renewal can pull you in if you’re matched roommates. Or, you can participate in the General 194 Housing Selection. (See above housing selection process FAQ.)

  • You may move into 194 St. Paul beginning on the date listed on the signed Housing Agreement.

  • 194 Saint Paul stays open during college breaks, unless state regulations require schools to close.

    Summer is included in the 11-month Housing Agreement and precedes the academic year for which you have reserved housing at 194 St. Paul. Being a full-time student during the academic year is required; summer classes and internships are not a prerequisite for living at 194 St. Paul over the summer. 

    The building closes at the end of the lease period to allow for cleaning and turnover; however, students who renew their bedroom during the same room renewal process are able to stay in their apartment during that time.

  • The application for 194 St. Paul Street includes a detailed Housing Agreement that you will need to sign as part of the application process. Students are always welcome to schedule an appointment for assistance in completing this process or to ask questions. For assistance, please contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

  • Each resident will be responsible for their own bedroom space. All common areas will be the shared responsibility of all roommates.

  • The Housing Agreement is June 1 to early May (Saturday at 12 PM the day after finals conclude each year). The Housing Agreement may be terminated before the end of the Term, only under the following circumstances:

    1. Student withdraws or is dismissed from the College
    2. Student is reassigned to other housing by the College
    3. Student is approved by the College to study abroad for the Fall or Spring semester.  If a student wishes to participate in a study-abroad semester, they may recommend a replacement for the Spring term prior to the deadline or the College will find one.  The student will still be responsible for the remainder of the Housing Agreement Term (if applicable) and may not transfer it to anyone else. 
    4. Force Majeure: Champlain College may terminate this Housing Agreement if it becomes impossible or impracticable for the College to perform all or any of its obligations or the material purposes of this Housing Agreement, as a result of events including, but not limited to, acts of God, epidemics or pandemics, major system failures or destruction of Champlain College facilities, fire, explosion, water damage, natural disasters (including, but not limited to hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes), civil disorder, war, or any other emergencies or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Champlain College.    

    The termination date will be determined by the College depending on the circumstances. Student must remove all personal property and vacate the Premises by the termination date. Charges and deposits will not be prorated or refunded in the event of Early Termination.

  • Subletting is not allowed. If a resident is not able to fulfill the term of the housing contract due to withdrawal or dismissal from the institution, the College will identify a replacement to fill the open space. 194 St. Paul is a gender-inclusive property.  Champlain has the right to assign and reassign open rooms to people of any gender. 

    If the student is planning to study abroad, they may identify a replacement who meets the eligibility requirements for Champlain College housing and 194 Saint Paul Street and request to re-assign space to that individual for the term in which they study abroad only.  The original student will still be responsible for the remainder of the Housing Agreement Term (if applicable).

  • Champlain College policy prohibits the possession, consumption, and/or effects of alcohol and drugs in any of its institutionally sponsored housing, either in on-campus residence halls or off-campus apartments.

  • Pets are not allowed. However, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act, service and assistance animals may be allowed in the building. Learn more about service and assistance animals here.

Costs & Payment

  • Costs vary by apartment type/size and each resident must sign a housing agreement for the 11-month term for their bedroom. Prices are quoted for the full 11-month period and billed at 15% for summer, and 42.5% each for fall and spring. Details on pricing can be found on the Student Accounts website.

  • Any institutional scholarship assistance you receive in the fall and/or spring semester(s) will not be awarded in the summer semester. If you need assistance, please reach out to the Office of Student Accounts to explore the possibility of setting up a payment plan.

  • Every apartment has its own full kitchen, so 194 St. Paul residents are not required to purchase a meal plan. However, you may choose to purchase the full Carte Blanche meal plan or the commuter meal plan for dining on Main Campus.

    Please direct any questions regarding meal plans to Please note: If you begin a semester living on Main Campus and later transfer to 194 St. Paul, you will still be responsible for your dining plan and you will continue to have access to the dining hall for the remainder of that semester.

Apartment & Building Amenities

  • There are five different living options available: studio, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom townhouses. Given the downtown design of the building, the dimensions and features of each apartment type are similar but do not have identical floor plans. Apartment floor plans, square footage, and some amenities may vary. All apartments are designed for single occupancy per bedroom.

    • Simulated vinyl plank, wood-style flooring, and vinyl cover base.
    • Painted gypsum wallboard walls and ceilings.
    • Full bathrooms with bathtub and/or shower and vinyl flooring.
    • Window treatments throughout.
  • The College provides modern furniture and fixtures. Please note that not all unit sizes and amenities within those units are the same. See the full list of amenities here.

  • The building has both a cardio room (2nd floor) and a weight room (3rd floor) that are open to residents only.

    Champlain College reserves the right to close and/or limit the use or occupancy of the fitness room to protect the health and safety of the residents. Students must comply with all health rules, policies and protective measures.

  • The building is equipped with five common laundry rooms (one on each floor), which are complimentary for building residents to use with key card access.


  • Heat for each apartment will be supplied by a natural-gas-fired boiler with hot-water baseboard radiation located along perimeter walls. Cooling for each apartment will be supplied by one mini-split air conditioning unit located in the common area with integral transfer fans to facilitate air movement into individual bedrooms. Each apartment has individually controlled thermostats to control heat and air conditioning.

  • Yes, all utilities are included! This includes electricity, heat, water/sewer, air conditioning, trash removal/recycling, landscaping and snow removal, as well as wireless internet, and hardwired internet connection.

  • There is free WiFi throughout the building. Additionally, the common area of each apartment is equipped with two ethernet ports.

  • Yes, see our 194 sustainability features here!

Property Management

Parking & Bike Storage

  • There is no student vehicular parking at the property, either on-site or in the adjoining neighborhood, at any time. Residents are not permitted to use any of the on-site parking spaces at the property (except for the two loading/unloading spaces) or any surrounding City streets at any time. 

    Consistent with Champlain College policy, any student who brings a vehicle to campus must register it with the College and park the vehicle at our Lakeside campus. Visit the Office of Transportation & Parking site for further information.

  • Your guests can park near 194 Saint Paul Street in off-street, metered public parking spaces, which are managed by the City of Burlington. These are on a first-come first-serve basis, and they are not able to be reserved.

  • Yes, there are two secure, indoor bike parking rooms available inside the building and temporary racks outside of the building for all residents to use. The indoor bike rooms are conveniently located on the ground floor by the main entrance and the second floor off the Browns Court eastern entrance. Each room has plenty of wall hooks to hang your bike as well as a “Fixit Stand” which has bike repair tools and a pump to keep your bike in working condition. We encourage residents to use the indoor rooms if parking their bikes overnight, with the outdoor racks being for temporary, day use only.

  • A CarshareVT car is conveniently located within the building’s parking garage! Students are eligible for heavily discounted memberships to CarshareVT so that they have access to a car if you need to use one. You can use any car in the fleet (there are different cars in other locations) and simply pay per use (time and miles). Insurance and gas are included.

Mail & Packages

  • Packages from UPS, FEDEX, and DHL are delivered on-site weekdays to our management office. Residents are notified via email when there is a package available for pick-up. Package sizes should be kept to a minimum, and residents should plan to pick up items within 48 hours of delivery. Please include your apartment number on your packages. 

  • The mailboxes are located in the lobby of the Saint Paul Street-level building entrance. There is one mailbox per apartment. Mail should be addressed to: 

    Resident Name
    194 St. Paul Street
    Apartment #
    Burlington, VT 05401

What to Pack

    • Shower curtain, liner & rings
    • Cup, soap dish and toothbrush holder
    • Rug/bath mat
    • Towels/washcloths
    • Wastebasket
    • Toilet paper
    • Toilet brush
    • Plunger
    • Pots and pans
    • Cooking utensils
    • Dishes, glasses and silverware
    • Dish towels
    • Paper towels and holder
    • Wastebasket
    • Small kitchen appliances
    • Vacuum cleaner and bags
    • Mop, broom & dustpan
    • Bucket, sponges, rags & a duster
    • Cleaners: all-purpose, tub/tile, floor, glass, toilet, bleach, etc.
    • Laundry supplies (basket, detergent, fabric softener, ironing board, iron, drying rack)
    • Twin XL bed linens (39″ x 80″)
    • Alarm clock
    • Surge protectors/advanced power strip
    • Clothing hangers

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