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Housing FAQs

Have questions? We've got answers.

Making Champlain your home.

From housing selection to what to bring and where to store your belongings over the summer, we’ve put together a list of the questions we hear most frequently.

Does Champlain partner with a storage company?

Yes! Storage Scholars is the preferred moving, storage, and shipping partner of Champlain College. We are committed to making your move-out process as smooth and timely as possible!

How summer storage and moving works with Storage Scholars:

  1. They Supply: They supply all the essentials to pack and safely store all your items.
  2. They Pick Up: A fellow student will come grab your things at a time that is convenient for you!
  3. They Deliver: When you are ready to come back to campus, they will have your items delivered and waiting for you in your new home.

Talk about making it easy! Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Looking to ship your belongings to Champlain? Here’s how it works:

  1. Storage Scholars Ships You Empty Boxes: They send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.
  2. You Pack & Ship Back: You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and ship them back over to Storage Scholars over the summer months.
  3. They Receive & Deliver: The Storage Scholars team receives those packages, stores them, and delivers them ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.

Please note: This is the only moving company that is insured and permitted to be on campus. All moving and storage arrangements are managed directly by students, who will need to coordinate on-campus pickup and retrieval of belongings. Email info@storagescholars.com or call (336) 815-0100 with questions.

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What should I pack? What shouldn’t I bring?

    • Blankets, comforter, & quilt
    • Clothes hangers
    • Computer or laptop
    • Desk lamp
    • Extra-long twin sheets and mattress pad
    • Fan 
    • First-aid Kit (Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment, Aspirin, etc.)
    • Headphones
    • Laundry supplies (detergent, hamper/easy-to-carry basket, etc.)
    • Notebooks, pens, and other supplies
    • Pillows
    • Posters 
    • Small dishware items (plate, bowl, cutlery, mug for coffee, etc.)
    • Small trash can
    • Stackable crates
    • Surge protected cords
    • Toiletries and storage container for them
    • Towels
  • (Really, don’t-these items are prohibited except as noted.)

    • Air soft guns, paint balls, BB guns, orbeez guns (Nerf guns are fine)
    • Air conditioners
    • Blender (except in 194 St. Paul)
    • Candles or incense
    • Coffee makers/Keurig-type coffee machines (except in 194 St. Paul) 
    • Electric kettles
    • Dart boards
    • Extension cords and outlet splitters
    • Gym equipment
    • Halogen lamps
    • Hot plates
    • Air Fryer
    • Crock pots
    • Large furniture and lofts (the college can loft your bed for you, if you choose)
    • Microwaves (every building will have one available for communal use)
    • Pets (except for fish in tanks of 10 gallons or less)
    • Rice cookers, slow cookers, etc.
    • Space heaters
    • Sub-woofer systems
    • Toasters (Except in 194 St. Paul)
What 194 St. Paul Residents Should Bring

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Housing Selection FAQs

  • Housing selection is the process by which current Champlain College students sign up for spaces to live for the academic year. Students who are not currently attending Champlain College are not able to take part in housing selection or be pulled into a room. All students who wish to live on main campus or in 194 must complete this process! See more details.

  • All students who select housing and later cancel have a certain timeline to do so without fee. The Main Campus Cancellation Policy and the 194 St Paul Cancellation Policy details.

  • Housing options vary by year. You can find more detailed information on which housing options are available for

  • Find more info here.

  • Students who are abroad for the spring semester and wish to live on campus for the following academic year should follow the same housing selection process as all students.

    Students who are abroad for the fall semester and would like to live on campus for the spring semester will receive communication from the Office of Housing & Residential Life about the application process.

  • We recommend that all students apply for main campus housing in March. Most students should know their study abroad status by late March, before Housing Selection happens. If you are not approved for study abroad, you will be able to choose a placement for main campus for the fall. 

    If you are confirmed for study abroad, we will cancel your housing application for main campus and you will not need to participate in Housing Selection. Champlain Abroad will manage your housing for your time abroad. 

    If you are returning for the spring semester, we strongly encourage you to live on campus for the spring semester. In mid-fall, students studying abroad will be emailed with details on how to apply for housing, both main campus and 194. All placements are made based on expected vacancies, and unfortunately, no specific placement can be guaranteed. Students coming back from study abroad will have first choice of spaces prior to assigning incoming spring students or transfers. Assignments will be finalized in January on THD.  

  • Students who are not happy with the space they chose at housing selection will have the opportunity to fill out a Reassignment Request form on The Housing Director (THD) under the applications tab. Please note that these requests will be filled over the summer as spaces become available. Please make sure to only request options you are willing to accept, as completing the Reassignment Request authorizes the Housing & Residential Life team to move you based on the form you completed.

  • Boardman Hall is almost all single bedrooms in suite-style layout. However, Boardman Traditional is suite 107 – rooms 107A and 107B are two double rooms, which means two roommates in each bedroom. There is still one bathroom for the four residents as well as laundry.

  • Students that identify outside of the gender binary are asked to contact reslife@champlain.edu to explore options. Our housing team and the Office of Accessibility will work with you to identify the best housing solution. One option is our gender-inclusive housing community, which you can read more about here.

General Housing FAQs

Room & Meal Plan Costs

Room Change Philosophy and Process

Living with another person can be a great experience but even under the best circumstances, it can sometimes present challenges. At Champlain College, we believe that the experience of living with other students is a great opportunity to foster communication skills, practice conflict resolution and compromise, and build strong relationships along with a sense of community and belonging. With the right attitude and approach, these challenging conversations with your roommate can actually improve your relationship.

    • Room changes are the exception and will only be granted if someone’s health is at risk, if conflict with a roommate cannot be resolved after intervention has failed, or if you have accommodations that necessitate a room change. It will also be dependent upon availability. 
    • Room changes are reserved for situations of necessity only. If you are requesting to change rooms for a better view or a larger room, your request will not be approved.
    • An Area Coordinator will talk to you and your roommate before approving your room change request.
    • There is a housing freeze during the first two weeks of the semester. This means that no room change requests will be allowed during this time unless it is deemed an emergency by Housing & Residential Life.
    • The room change process closes one month before the semester ends. During this time you are not allowed to apply for a room change.
    • Any other time during the semester, you can apply for a room change using the process detailed below.
    • We want to encourage students to learn how to adapt to different living situations. We also want to teach students important communication skills and how to have difficult conversations which will ultimately foster stronger relationships. We encourage you to work with your roommate to find common ground.   
    • Remember, the grass isn’t always greener! Changing rooms doesn’t always mean a better outcome. Without developing the skills to live with others, you are more likely to encounter roommate conflict wherever you go.  
    1. Set up an in-person, open conversation with your roommate to discuss the issues you’re encountering. We encourage you to work with your roommate to find common ground and lead with the positives.
    2. If you have not done so already, please complete a Roommate Agreement with your roommate. 
    3. If you feel you need support in this conversation or if you don’t feel as though this meeting was productive, set up a meeting with your Resident Advisor to discuss further. Your RA will work with you and your roommate(s) to mediate and create a roommate agreement (if one has not already been put in place). 
    4. Follow up with your RA to reassess your situation approximately 2 weeks after this mediation if you believe a room change is still needed. If issues persist, the RA will set up a meeting for you with the Area Coordinator to discuss further. After this meeting, your Area Coordinator can either request a room change on your behalf or decline your request.
    5. Residential Life will review room change request and if warranted, offer a room change.
    6. Once a room change is offered, a student has 24 hours to respond or we will move on to the next student. 
    7. Students who make unapproved room changes will be subject to disciplinary actions through the Student Code of Conduct.

194 St. Paul Street

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