Calculus Waiver Exam

The Calculus Waiver Exam is an optional test designed for students who took calculus in high school but either did not take the AP Exam or received an AP score of 3 or below. Passing this test waives MTH 230: Calculus I, enabling students to register for upper-level math courses that require MTH 230 as a prerequisite. While passing this test waives MTH 230, students do not receive any college credits toward graduation. A passing score is 70 or higher.

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Test Deadline: January 27

Students scheduled to take MTH 230 (Calculus I), including those students majoring in Game Programming and Computer Science & Innovation, are required to take and pass an online Calculus Readiness Test before being enrolled in MTH 230. Information about this test will be emailed to those students. The test must be completed to finalize class schedules. If you did not receive information by email about the Calculus Readiness Test, but are interested in taking MTH 230, please contact Dr. Melanie Brown at

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