Residential Life

As a parent, we know you're going to have some questions about where your student is going to spend the next few years of their lives—whether they live on or off campus. We're here to point you in the right direction to learn all about Champlain College residence halls, off-campus housing options for returning students, commuting, local transportation, and more.

Our on-campus housing options include Victorian-era Mansion residence halls for first-year students as well as modern, contemporary residence halls for returning students. With comfortable and scenic spaces to study and meet up with friends, and a variety of dining options on the Champlain College campus, your student will feel right at home.

On-Campus Housing for Undergraduates

Housing selection and deadlines

Do you know what your student's options are? Learn all about on-campus housing for first years through seniors, including options like substance-free housing.

Do you have questions about housing selection, accommodations, or our cancellation policies? Our helpful FAQ can answer them.

Is your student planning to lock down a great summer internship or job in Burlington, VT? Learn about Summer Housing options for Champlain students.

How do students on campus get around town?

We're fortunate to have a lot of great local transportation options for students in Burlington, VT, including Champlain College shuttles, city busses, and rideshares. You can learn about them here.

Moving into and out of residence halls

Timing is everything! Visit our Living On Campus resource page for opening & closing dates of halls, tips on what your student should bring (or not bring), and helpful information about moving out in a more mindful and sustainable way.

Resident Advisor positions for students

There are a lot of perks that come with being a Resident Advisor (RA) in a Champlain hall. You can see information about becoming an RA here, and get answers to some of your questions about what the job involves, who qualifies, and whether it would be a good fit for your student.

We're Always Here to Help

This is a good place to start if you have questions about Residential Life for your student during their time at Champlain. 

Having an issue, or have a question that wasn't answered here? Reach out to the Residential Life staff.