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Summer Housing

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Summer Housing

Champlain College Summer Housing Details 

Summer 2021 details are yet to be determined due to the on-going pandemic. The details below will give you context for a normal summer. We expect determinations about Summer 2021 to be made by mid-spring semester. 

Who is typically qualified to live on campus for Summer?

Students who are taking classes at Champlain College, working on or off-campus, or who are completing internships are typically able to stay in campus housing during the summer. Students who desire summer housing are required to complete the summer housing contract, which will be available on THD (The Housing Director) in mid-April.

  • Are you taking a class? You may live in summer campus housing for the duration of your class(es). This could be for the whole summer, the first half (Session A), or the second half (Session B). Summer housing is not available on a weekly basis. Summer academic students must be enrolled in Champlain College classes, and class status must be verified.
  • Are you working or completing an internship? You must stay the whole summer—no students working or interning can do a partial summer stay. Employment must be verified. Read below for more information.

Students are expected to follow Champlain's Community Standards at all times.  If students violate the Standards, and/or are not enrolled in classes or pursuing an appropriate internship or job, then they will be referred to Student Conduct and may be required to move off-campus.

Please note that all College policies apply during the summer, and violators may lose the privilege of living on campus. 

What are the deadlines to apply for Champlain summer housing?

Plan ahead for summer!

  • Mid-April: The Summer Housing Application on THD will open.
  • Late April: All jobs and internships must be verified by the Career Collaborative.

Any requests received after the deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed to have housing. 

Where will students be placed?

Summer housing for Champlain students is typically hosted in Juniper Hall and 371 Main. Each building has a full kitchen, so students living on campus for the summer will not purchase a meal plan. As the dining hall will be open sporadically throughout the summer months, meal plans will not be offered.

Can I stay at 194 St Paul over the summer? 

No, 194 St Paul is not an option that is open for Summer Housing. The only students who may stay at 194 St Paul during Summer are those who already have a contract for 194 St Paul. 

What does it cost to live in Main Campus summer housing?

Charges are typically around $140 per week, plus class tuition if you are enrolled. Specific 2021 dates are yet to be determined.

  • Session A, typically 6 weeks: $840
  • Session B, typically 6 weeks: $840
  • Whole Summer, typically 13 weeks: $1,820

There is an additional weekly cost for pre-summer or post-summer weeks. See more information below.

Please note that meals during any of this time, including Senior Week, are not included in the Spring Meal Plan. Non-graduates staying during Senior Week may eat in the dining hall, but will need to pay for each meal at the time they eat.

What if I am required to take a Core class and need to live on campus?

Students enrolled in a Core class for the summer may be housed for the six weeks during the class and are guaranteed a space if they request housing on the THD application by the deadline.

What if I need to stay on campus in the week between semesters? 

Students are eligible to stay on campus between semesters only if they are on-campus residential students during the adjoining semesters. 

Students may request to stay for the pre-summer week if they:

  • live on campus for spring semester and for summer Session A, or
  • live on campus for spring semester and for the whole summer

Students may request to stay for the post-summer week if they:

  • live on campus for summer Session B and for fall semester, or
  • live on campus for the whole summer and for fall semester

Your pre-week and/or post-week stay will be charged at the weekly rate. This week is offered for those who cannot or do not wish to move out fully between semesters. Students who request this week will stay in their room until the time they need to move, which will be communicated in advance. The schedule for students moving rooms is tight, so students need to be aware that they cannot delay moving from one space to the other and should plan any personal travel around it. 

Applying for this week is not required—however, if a student does not request to stay for one of these weeks, they will be  expected to fully move out of their first space on time, depart for the pre-summer or post-summer week, and return at the start of the next semester. 

What if I am working or doing an internship in Burlington this summer?

  • Jobs or internships related to major: Students need to work at least 20 hours per week for at least 10 weeks at a job or internship that requires knowledge and skills gained by means of courses related to your major. Champlain College offers housing for those students who will be working or doing an internship in Chittenden County this summer.
  • Jobs unrelated to major: Students must be employed for at least 27 hours a week for at least 12 weeks for a job that is not related to their major.

In order to live on campus during the summer, you must register your employment or internship with Career Collaborative, and apply for Summer Housing on THD before the deadline. When you register your employment, you should be already hired (not just have applied for the job). If it's questionable, please contact Angela Hyldburg at

Click here to register your employment. Please contact Career Collaborative if you have any questions.