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Gender-Inclusive & Substance-Free Housing

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Themed Housing

Themed Housing

For 2022-2023 we will have the following themed communities: Gender-Inclusive, Substance Free (Upper Year students only), Transfer Students, and Sustainability. We are also collecting interest to see if E-Sports and Women's communities would be of interest to students. Depending on interest for these groups, we may additionally create these communities for the upcoming academic year. 

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Housing and Residential Life's Themed Communities seek to connect students based on shared interests. Themed communities will be staffed by Resident Advisors who share enjoyment in the topic and who will create events and opportunities around the theme. Our hope is to pair certain themed housing with faculty members who share interests and can provide expertise on the subject matter through events outside of the classroom. 

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All students who are interested in living in Champlain's gender-inclusive community may complete the Gender-Inclusive application on THD. Gender-inclusive housing is for students to voluntarily live in the same space regardless of gender, sexual orientation or other constructed identities. Housing and Residential Life is continuing to offer gender-inclusive housing in an effort to support a positive campus climate and afford students more options for expressing their identities throughout every facet of college life.

Gender-inclusive housing community members must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Successfully complete Safe Zone training.
  • Respect all community members by maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment, free of discrimination based on characteristics including (but not limited to) race, sex, color, age, national origin, ability, sexual orientation, religion or marital status.
  • Complete the housing application process, including the gender-inclusive housing application form, and submit all necessary deposits by the appropriate deadline.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations of the Champlain College catalog.
  • Follow the rules outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Housing Handbook.
  • Contribute positively to the community.
  • Respect the motivations of all community members for this option.
  • Use inclusive and socially just language within and outside the living space.
  • Seek to understand different experiences.
  • Support social justice and diversity initiatives from within the community.
  • Be accountable for one’s guests and educate them regarding community expectations and values.

Anyone who violates this agreement may be relocated to another space on campus.

Additional Considerations:

  • Students may be placed in a multi-occupancy room and may request specific roommate(s). In the event of a vacancy within a gender-inclusive room, the student will be able to select another pull-in. However, should that student not be able to locate another resident, Champlain College retains the necessity to maximize usage of housing options on campus and will fill the room accordingly.
  • Applicants who are not selected to take part in the gender-inclusive housing will remain eligible to take part in the general housing selection process under the usual terms and conditions of the housing selection process.
  • Filling out a gender-inclusive housing application does not guarantee a specific space or gender-inclusive assignment. Admission to this living community is based upon available space.
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Historically, this community has centered around the ideals of being substance-free and allowed like-minded individuals to cohabitate together (please note: all of Champlain College is substance-free). Housing & Residence Life hopes to establish a specific programming model geared towards this community.


Student growth and development are dependent on healthy choices, positive decision making, and strong connections inside and outside the classroom. In support of this continuous growth, Substance-Free Housing at Champlain College provides a living experience that is founded on mutual respect, community responsibility, and a commitment to a lifestyle free of alcohol and illegal drugs. By choosing to be a member of Substance Free Housing at Champlain College, I agree to:

  • Refrain from the use and possession of alcohol and all other illegal drugs in or around my residence hall.
  • Speak up and address anyone found using alcohol or other drugs in my community. Report violators appropriately to my resident advisor or Campus Public Safety.
  • Support programs that benefit Substance Free Housing.
  • Work through community or roommate issues that arise in order to remain a positive member of the Substance-Free Housing hall.
  • Hold guests of the community to these same standards, and recognize that my guests' actions are ultimately considered to be my own actions.

A failure to uphold any of these guidelines will be documented. Housing and Residential Life staff will work with students to reach a resolution that will ultimately best serve the development of the entire community. Such action could include a students' removal from Substance-Free Housing.

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Admissions and Housing & Residential Life are creating a Living Learning Community centric to the Transfer Student experience at Champlain College. Both new transfer students to Champlain and returning transfer students will live together in Lakeview Hall on the Finney Quad. 

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This themed residential house provides an opportunity for students to practice and explore environmentalism in a real-world setting through activities and events: outing trips, gardening, culinary skills, film screenings, crafting workshops, and many more outdoor recreation opportunities.  The community works together towards a shared goal of a more sustainable future. 

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Champlain College ESports and Housing & Residential Life are striving to create a Living Learning Community to match the ever-expanding Esports community at Champlain College.

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If interest allows, Housing & Residential Life would house female-identified students together in a specific residence hall. These students would work closely with female leadership programs and opportunities on campus. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gender-Inclusive Housing

LGBTQ+ Academic and Emotional Support Resources

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