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We encourage all students to self test if experiencing symptoms of COVID. Please make sure to have a stock of COVID tests available. COVID tests can be purchased online and at local pharmacies. CVS and Lakeside Pharmacy are both within walking distance of campus. If you need help accessing a COVID test, please call the Student Health Center.

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Students who test positive for COVID-19 should self isolate in their own space, and notify the College immediately using the form below. The form will notify the Campus Medical Team, provide important guidance, and prompt an email response with further details. These details include instructions on how to isolate, notify your close contacts, and care for yourself during your illness. Contact the Student Health Center for questions or concerns.

Student COVID-19 Reporting Form

  • All students with COVID will continue to isolate in place either in their residence hall room or in their off campus housing. Instructions on determining length of isolation can be found on the Student COVID Reporting Form. You also may use the CDC Isolation Calculator to calculate the length of your isolation but feel free to contact Student Health with any questions.

  • Students must notify all of their close contacts. Information on how to determine who are your close contacts can be found on the response email that will be sent to you after filling out the Student COVID Reporting Form.

  • Students may NOT attend class if they are in their isolation period. Please contact your professor to let them know that you will be unable to attend class. If you have already filled out the COVID-reporting form and your professors ask for verification that you are in isolation, please reach out to the Dean of Students at deanofstudents@champlain.edu, who can help provide verification.

  • When you complete your isolation period, you should continue masking, preferably with a K95 or N95 mask, at all times when in public for at least 10 days.

  • Students should not eat in the IDX Dining Hall while they are COVID positive. Please request to pick up your meal by filling out the Sick Meal Request Form.

If you have already filled out the COVID-reporting form and your professors ask for verification that you are in isolation, please reach out to the Dean of Students at deanofstudents@champlain.edu, who can help provide verification.

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A close contact means being within 6 feet, for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, of someone with COVID-19 while they are contagious. If you are a close contact, you can still continue all daily activities including attending class, but please do the following: 

  • Wear a well fitting mask for 10 days when indoors or in large outdoor community settings. 
  • Monitor for symptoms. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, test immediately.
  • Test five days after you were last in contact with the COVID positive person or earlier if you develop symptoms. 

Roommates of students with COVID-19, are at an increased risk of getting COVID 19.  We recommend that you:

  • Ensure your room has good air circulation by keeping your windows open when possible
  • Choose to spend your days in alternative areas beside your room when your roommate is present.
  • If you become symptomatic, test immediately and self isolate. 
  • If you are not symptomatic, you can test on Day 5 and Day 10 from when your roommate first got sick or tested positive. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Health Center.

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If you have COVID-like symptoms, you should take a COVID test. If your test comes back positive, isolate in your living space and follow the instructions above. See "Where to Get Tested" FAQ above for more info.

Here is the CDC explanation on when to get tested.

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If your COVID test is negative, you should monitor your symptoms and continue COVID testing while symptomatic. Contact the Student Health Center for medical support as needed.

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You should not go to class if you are feeling very ill! If you have COVID-19 and have isolated for 5 days, then you can return to class wearing a well-fitting mask through day 10. If you have an illness other than COVID-19 you may resume activities when your symptoms are improving and should wear a well-fitting mask until your symptoms have completely resolved. In addition, if you need to talk to a nurse or be seen for an appointment to help manage your symptoms, please don't hesitate to contact the Student Health Center. Here are some general instructions on self care.

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Please wear a mask if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID, regardless of whether you are COVID positive or negative. It is our community responsibility to protect one another from the spread of illness, including our community members who are immunocompromised.

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We strongly recommend all Champlain College community members follow CDC recommendations and remain up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination; however, we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination for students, faculty, staff, visitors, or vendors—in line with current recommendations from the CDC and Vermont Department of Health. If you have COVID-19 vaccine documentation, you are welcome to submit this to the Patient Portal.

The Student Health Center will offer COVID-19 and Flu vaccine clinics in partnership with local pharmacies during the Fall 2023 semester. Please check your email for information about upcoming dates, sign-up, and instructions. 

As of September 2023, the CDC and FDA announced the updated COVID vaccine will replace the previous primary and booster doses. This new vaccine, manufactured from Pfizer and Moderna, is formulated to protect you from the most recent omicron variants and is recommended to all students. Find the most up-to-date CDC information here. It is advised to wait to get your vaccine if:

  • You tested positive for COVID within the past three months. 
  • You received a previous COVID vaccine within the last two months.  
  • You are feeling ill 

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