This policy was last updated 04/2023.

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, and you are being prescribed medication, we strongly encourage you to continue with your current provider for treatment continuity. We suggest you schedule follow-up appointments with your care provider well in advance to correspond with school breaks and other visits home and/or explore the possibility of telehealth visits with your home provider. If your home provider would like to be in touch with us directly to provide additional support, we can do so provided we have a signed release on file.

For learning related challenges, students at Champlain College with ADHD may receive helpful practical assistance from the Office of Accessibility and SMART Space’s Academic Coaching team.

ADHD Treatment Services Available on Campus

Champlain College Student Health & Wellness does offer limited psychiatry services at no cost through the Student Health Center. We are able to provide ADHD medication treatment to a limited number of students who are not able to access medications through their home provider or a community psychiatrist.

It is at the discretion of the Champlain College Student Health Team to determine if your prior evaluation is sufficient for the continuation of treatment through the Student Health Center. Communicating with the Student Health Center prior to the start of the semester to begin this discussion can help expedite this process. We ask that you comply with the following:

  1. Arrive on campus with at least a one month supply of medication.
  2. Provide records from your home prescriber documenting your ADHD diagnosis and recommendation for prescribing ADHD medication including name of medication and dosing.*

These records should also include:

  • Recent visit notes that pertain to ADHD diagnosis.
  • Copies of diagnostic tests done as part of an ADHD evaluation (examples: WAISIII; Woodcock-Johnson III Cognitive and Achievement Test; Connor AD/HD Rating Scale; Connors Continuous Performance Test).

* Note: If you do not have documentation of prior diagnosis, you will be asked to pursue evaluation and diagnosis through an external provider. We can provide you with a referral list of local psychiatrists. Resources are limited in this area, so we encourage you to pursue this at home if possible.

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Student Health Center at the beginning of the semester  to discuss your history, presenting concerns, and referral for psychiatric services. We will review our ADHD policy which documents the requirement of providing baseline urine drug screens and periodic random screens and pill counts if indicated.
  2. If we together determine that continuing treatment through the Student Health Center is the right option for you, we will schedule you to see one of our Nurse Practitioners. Please note that we often have a waitlist for psychiatric services, and the end of the semester is not a reasonable time to seek referral and expect treatment benefits.
  3. Please note that we do not provide medication management over the summer, so it is necessary to determine a plan for transfer of care before the completion of the academic year.
  4. Prescriptions will be given at in-person appointments only.
  5. Please note that this process can take anywhere from weeks to months. Plan accordingly: Before arriving on campus, contact the Student Health Center and bring a full prescription from your prior prescriber to allow time for our process.

Additional Contact Information

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