Contact Office of Academic Affairs

Leslie Averill, Ed.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs & Chief Operating Officer
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 860-2729

As the College's Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Averill provides leadership on faculty matters, programs of study and academic operations.

Jennifer Nicholls, Special Assistant to the Acting Provost

Jennifer Nicholls, Ed.D., Special Assistant to the Acting Provost
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 383-6608

Ellen Zeman

Ellen Zeman, Senior Director, Assessment, Curriculum and Accreditation
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 651-5912

  • Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • College Competencies Development and Assessment
  • Program Review and Assessment Planning
  • IDEA Student Rating of Instruction
  • ePortfolios
  • Student Engagement and Satisfaction Reporting
  • NECHE Accreditation
  • Curriculum Oversight
Gabrielle Sealy

Gabrielle Sealy, Director of Institutional Research
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 865-5490

  • Institutional Research & Data Analysis
  • IPEDS Reporting
  • Fact Book
  • Common Data Set
  • Data Governance
  • Internal/External Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Data Requests

Josh Blumberg, Director of Academic Technology
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 383-6678

Kellie Nadeau

Kellie Nadeau, Sr. Academic Operations Coordinator
Freeman Hall, #300
(802) 860-2729

  • Program Coordinator, Virtual Gap Program
  • Coordination of Publication & Archiving of College Catalog
  • Technical Administration of College Catalog Software
  • Coordination of Academic Ceremonies
  • Classroom Issues
  • Provide Support to Academic Affairs